AXELOS Portfolio, Programme and Project Office (P3O®) Certification


Since it was launched in 2008, the Portfolio, Programme and Project Office (P3O®) best practice and certification has become a popular choice for those working in and managing PMOs. Terminology such as “hub and spoke PMOs” and the “functions and services of PMO” stem from the guidance and have become common in the PMO domain.

For those working in PMO today, the P3O® accreditations have become  the most popular way to demonstrate your committment to a PMO career.

The PMO Learning P3O® courses are run by P3O® author Eileen Roden.

Why You Should Consider P3O® Foundation & Practitioner?

The P3O® Foundation & Practitioner Certification is the combined course for P3O® which lasts for five days. You take the Foundation examination on day three and the Practitioner examination on day five.

The course covers both the fundamentals of P3O®, giving you a solid foundation in the P3O® model; the terminology and concepts involved; the key functions and services in a P3O® model;the tools and techniques used in a P3O® and looks at the different types of PMOs with the model. The practitioner part of the course covers the design, implementation and management of a P3O model. You will gain an overall understanding of the elements, roles, functions and tools and techniques deployed in a generalised P3O model.

Who Should Attend?

The P3O® Foundation and Practitioner level course is specifically for:

  • Experienced PMO practitioners looking to formalise their knowledge and gain recognition with the certification
  • PMO practitioners looking to step into a PMO Manager or PMO Lead role
  • Those tasked with designing, setting up or managing a new PMO

Price – £2150 + VAT

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P3O® Foundation & Practitioner

Learning Objectives

On completion of the training and certification, you will have gained knowledge of:

  • High-level P3O model and its component offices
  • Differences between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management
  • Key functions and services of a P3O
  • Reasons for establishing a P3O model
  • Differences between types of P3O model and the factors that influence selection of the most appropriate model
  • Processes to implement or re-energize a P3O
  • Tools and techniques used by a P3O
  • Purpose and major responsibilities of the defined roles
  • Develop the business case required to obtain senior management approval for the P3O
  • Identify and build the most appropriate P3O model, which will adapt to the organization’s needs, taking account of the organization’s size and portfolio, programme and project management maturity
  • Identify the most appropriate roles required to populate a specified P3O structure
  • Plan the implementation of a P3O
  • Choose and use appropriate tools and techniques while running the P3O and advising those who shape the portfolio of programmes and projects


  • Experience working in project management and/or PMO
  • PPSO Essentials would be a good first step if you have limited PMO / Project Management experience

Learning Approach

  • Classroom based
  • Lectures
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Exam x 2
    • Foundation (day three)
      • Multiple choice examination questions
      • 75 questions – 70 live questions and five trial
      • 60 minutes’ duration
      • 35 marks required to pass (out of 70 available) – 50%
      • Closed book
    • Practitioner (day five)
      • Objective testing
      • Four questions of 20 marks each – 80 marks in total
      • 150 minutes’ duration
      • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
      • Open book – (Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O guide only).

Course Logistics

  • Classroom training – 5 days
  • Price – £2150 + VAT



On successful completion of the course and examination, course delegates will be certified as P3O® Foundation & Practitioner accredited

“P3O® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited”

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