The Lean-Agile PMO

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The course is designed for PMOs and senior change stakeholders as they make the changes necessary to support agile and traditional projects, programmes and portfolios.

The Lean-Agile Concept

Some PMOs have difficulty in defining the organisational value they create. The PMO may be seen as predominantly a reporting or administration function. This is a course that outlines a design for a PMO using Lean and Agile concepts. The design is focussed on the delivery of maximum value to the PMO’s customers (Stakeholders) with as little wasted effort as possible. It facilitates project execution such that wasted project effort is also minimised. It defines a service ethos and a mechanism for continuous improvement.

Using Agile techniques, the PMO provides a project ecosystem and collaborative culture such that projects are demonstrably delivered as fast as possible, irrespective of delivery methodology, with “just enough” governance so that risks are well managed and success is assured. The Lean-Agile PMO concept shifts the emphasis of the function from simply reporting to providing essential services and preventing activities from going wrong.

The Lean-Agile PMOThe course outlines the process and capability changes needed to up-shift the PMO function providing a purposeful governance framework for both agile and traditional projects and programmes. This framework outlines the agile PMO events and ceremonies. It includes agile risk management, Red-Amber-Green Status analysis, agile checkpoints and status reporting.

The course outlines the principles of agile portfolio management and portfolio reporting. Following this course participants will:

  • Understand how a PMO needs to function in order to support agile and traditional projects and programmes
  • Understand how metrics are used in planning, analysis and reporting agile projects
  • Be able to evaluate the suitability of Risk Management strategies in the agile context
  • Evaluate the status of agile projects using Red Amber Green analysis
  • Monitor and control path-to-green corrective action plans.

This interactive course is designed for Senior PMO Managers, PMO Leads, PMO Analysts and Heads of Change who wish to introduce an added value Lean-Agile PMO concept.

Lean-Agile PMO

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Lean-Agile PMO

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