At PMO Learning, we’re proud to showcase our fantastic trainers – all with real PMO experience. Click the arrow beneath each photo to find out more about a specific trainer.

Eileen J Roden

Eileen is one of the directors of PMO Learning, the lead author of P3O and one of the lead authors of the PMO Competency Framework. Eileen delivers P3O courses, House of PMO Essentials courses, Project Sponsorship and the PMO, Foundations of PMO Leadership, Setting Up a PMO and Facilitation Fundamentals of the PMO courses.

Carol Hindley

Carol delivers our Benefits Management and P3O Foundation courses.

Michelle Rowland

Michelle delivers our P3O, MoP and House of PMO Essentials courses.

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Graham Burke

Graham delivers our Setting Up a PMO course.

Jon Ward

Jon delivers our Lean-Agile PMO course.

Holger Heuss

Holger delivers our Unlocking Business Agility through Portfolio Management course.

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Roy Millard

Roy delivers our Assurance for PMO Professionals course.

John McIntyre

John delivers our The PMO’s Guide to Effective Retrospectives course.

Bekka Prideaux

Bekka delivers our Coaching Skills for the PMO course.