BCS Programme and Project Support Office Advanced Practitioner (PPSO) Certification

The role of the PMO Manager and PMO Leads has become a career of choice, offering a wide variety of roles and responsibilites and challenges for those that enjoy the organisational support role the PMO brings.  Developed from the PMO Manager / PMO Lead’s perspective, the PPSO Advanced Practitioner Certification provides delegates with an advanced curriculum focused on the implementation, running and development of the PMO.

The PPSO Advanced Practitioner Certification is considered to be a good choice for those looking to take the next step up in their career to become a PMO Manager/ PMO Lead as well as those looking to develop and deepen their knowledge, especially around managing Project Management Offices and Programme Management Offices.

The course covers advanced level topics and techniques in areas such as programme management; business cases; tools; marketing the value of the PMO; designing and installing the PMO and keeping the PMO current.


Who Should Attend?

The BCS PPSO Advanced Practitioner level course is specifically for:

  • PMO Managers / PMO Leads responsible for Project and Programme Management Offices
  • Those looking for the next step in their PMO career to a manager level
  • Consultants responsible for the set up and implementation of PMOs


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PPSO Advanced Practitioner Certification

Learning Objectives

  • Produce Terms of Reference for the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Produce the Business Case for the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Design the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Set up and staff the Programme/Project Support Office
  • Set and maintain service level agreements for business level and project level services
  • Demonstrate the ability to tailor/apply PSO Advanced techniques to a given scenario:
    • Programme and Project Lifecycles
    • Programme, Project, Product and System Development Methods
    • Support Tools
    • Dealing with non-programme or non-project work
    • Dealing with difficult situations
    • The Business Case(advanced)
    • Marketing the PSO
  • Keeping the PSO current


  • Advanced experience as a PMO core team member
  • Those new to the role of Project / Programme Office Manager
  • PMO Managers / PMO Leads
  • BCS PPSO Foundation Certification

Learning Approach

  • Classroom based
  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Exam – 2 hour written examination preceded by 15 minutes reading time. It consists of one mandatory question and any other two questions from the remaining three.

Course Logistics

  • Classroom training – 5 days
  • Location – Inhouse
  • Price – £ Inhouse package price


On successful completion of the course and examination, course delegates will be certified as BCS Advanced Practitioner Certificate in PPSO

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