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The House of PMO

The House of PMO is a professional body for PMO professionals.

The House of PMO mission, which we 100% support, is to create a home for PMO professionals where they can develop themselves, support the development of others and contribute to the development of the PMO profession.

The House of PMO originally started as the PMO Flashmob back in 2013 and has evolved over that time into a membership-based body.

The qualifications were launched in 2021 following the publication of the PMO Competency Framework and throughout 2021 there will be four qualifications in total being launched.

Alongside the qualifications, the House of PMO provides events, articles, research and an annual conference to support its members.

PMO Learning – Consulting Member of the House of PMO

PMO Learning are now a consulting member of the House of PMO


PMO Essentials

The House of PMO creates four levels of qualifications for PMO professionals called PMO Essentials

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The Essentials for PMO Administrators

The first level of qualifications from the House of PMO and APMG is the Essentials for PMO Administrators

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Open Positions

Interested in PMO Essentials?

\\  Take a look at the Essentials for PMO Administrators.

House of PMO Essentials for PMO Administrators™

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