Carol Hindley


  • Building an agile PMO team
  • PMO Knowledge and Capability
  • PWOs (Project Wellbeing Offices)

My expertise is leading a PMO function; I am currently Head of a Digital PMO.

My coaching & mentoring sessions focus on how to build happy, healthy, high performing teams to successfully support project and programme delivery.

Drawing on my 20+ years within all sorts of PMOs, from a commercial POO (PMO of One) for a private software delivery house, to now leading a PMO function of 25 people, I can assist with designing and delivering a PMO service that embodies agile culture.

I am the co-author of the PMO Competency Framework and have a passion for multiplying PMO professionals; numerous members of my PMO teams, have progressed successfully with their careers after having started with a personal objective to get out of the PMO – imagine that!

Carol can help with:

  • Switching the PMO to an agile mindset
  • Building a happy, healthy PMO team
  • Improving PMO capability
  • Personal PMO career progression
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