Dr Judy Payne


  • Knowledge Management
  • Organisational Learning
  • Strategy
  • Research and Analysis

My interest and expertise are in helping teams and organisations create and use knowledge effectively to improve outcomes – covering everything from communities of practice to using a knowledge lens to understand and solve common PPM issues. In practice this extends way beyond processes and tools to strategy, culture, relationships and the working environment.

I’ve been helping people with knowledge management for over twenty years. I chair the BSI KM committee, co-wrote the ISO KM standard, have contributed KM material to many PPM publications and am the lead author of Managing knowledge in project environments. In 2021 I became one of the first to be awarded KM Fellowship by CILIP.

I also work with master’s students to help them understand how to do research.

Judy can help with:

  • Getting started in knowledge management
  • Planning, implementing and improving project, programme and portfolio level knowledge management
  • Avoiding the trap of confusing knowledge management with information management
  • Using knowledge management thinking to solve common PPM issues
  • Understanding research
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