Eileen Roden

  • PMO Training and Development
  • Core PMO Function and Services
  • Work Challenges
  • PMO Knowledge and Capability


My area of expertise is education and training in PMO – as well as project, programme and portfolio management too.

I previously worked in PMO before moving into training and consultancy over a decade ago. My coaching & mentoring sessions focus on the practicalities of PMO work and I help PMO people who need advice and guidance on the core functions and services of PMO. I authored the P3O best practice guidance too so I’m able to offer advice and guidance on that specifically.

Examples include mentoring individuals through new challenges in their PMO work such as getting to grips with benefits management or resource management; providing a sounding board as people work through a specific PMO problem and ongoing coaching arrangements to improve capability and confidence.

Eileen can help with:

  • Guidance on PMO work issues – the “how-to”
  • Ongoing mentoring to improve overall capability in your PMO role
  • PMO training and development advice
  • PMO Studying and examination guidance
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