Ken Burrell


  • Working as a PMO Contractor
  • Lessons Learned – how it works, how it goes wrong and what you can do to make it better
  • Implementing PMO strategy – turning bullet points into real services
  • Implementing PgMOs – start up; running; shut-down


My main area of expertise is in delivering PMO services that people are prepared to pay for in the context of strategic programmes. I come from an engineering background, and worked in brewing research before working as a project manager in both engineering manufacturing and financial services.

My mentoring sessions focus on making the transition from permanent employee to independent contractor – including the stuff that no-one tells you (finding work, building a social media presence, pitfalls to avoid, behaviours, etc.), as well as how to implement at grass roots level the strategic stuff you read about elsewhere. All with a no-nonsense approach.

I’ve written a book on Lessons Learned – How it works, why it goes wrong, and how you can do it better. I’ve co-written and co-delivered (with Stuart Dixon) a full-day training course on how to support project meetings more effectively.

Ken can help with:

  • Setting up a new programme office – what to do first, how set up services and run them
  • How to integrate projects and workstreams within a programme so that common themes are identified
  • Moving from a permanent to contract employment model (getting ready, finding work, running a company, creating a social media presence, behaviours once you are on site, )
  • How to run Lessons Learned reviews to elicit problems and identify actionable improvement actions
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