Documenting Project Meetings

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Boost Your Meeting Management Skills

An intensive one day class designed specifically for PMO professionals wanting to develop or increase their meeting support and management skills. A practical class delivered by Ken Burrell and Stuart Dixon, experienced PMO practitioners

In the project world, it is important to hold meetings so that problems and challenges can be discussed, and a way forward agreed. It is just as important that these meetings are supported and managed well. Have you ever been to a meeting that was badly managed, not documented at all, or possibly worse than that, was documented, badly?

Unless project meetings are well set up for success, it is likely that they will not be a good use of everyone’s time, and that everyone will come away from the meeting with their own slightly differing interpretations of what happened. It is also quite likely that nothing much will happen as a result of the meeting.

Supporting project meetings is often delegated to the most junior PMO person around, but it is harder to do well than it looks. It can be somewhat daunting if you are a relatively junior PMO person faced with the prospect of documenting your first meeting, consisting of a room full of experienced CxOs.

This workshop is aimed at people just embarking on their PMO career who want to arm themselves with some basic meeting management skills to increase the value they add to project meetings.

Documenting Project Meetings

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