Leading and Directing PMOs

At Level Four of the PMO career path, the PMO which features the most is the Enterprise level PMO – the strategic PMO whih sits at senior executive level.

The types of jobs which are typical at this level are:

  • Head of PMO
  • ePMO Manager
  • PMO Director

Level Four is for the most senior PMO practitioners who are managing multiple PMOs within the organisation and are likely line managers for other PMO Managers.

At this level, you need understanding of advanced portfolio, programme and project management topics as well as strategy management and leadership in PMOs.PMO Directors are working alongside senior management within the business and will be responsible for supporting all change activity within the organisation.

At this level, PMO specific training is focused on the AIPMO IPMO-Expert level certification course.

PMO Director

Recommended Courses for Level Four Learners

Level Four courses include expert level training in PMO with specialist courses to support specific knowledge gaps or new directions in PMO best practice.


The AIPMO IPMO-Expert course is a unique learning and development experience for those at the top of their PMO career.

The course combines classroom training; case study; workshops and facilitated discussions with all the attending learners.

At this level in your career, there is a lot to learn from each other as well as the core best practice from AIPMO in the PMO Lifecycle Framework. This course facilitates the discussion to get the best out of your time spent with other senior PMO practitioners.

The course is one which challenges and informs your thinking about enterprise-level PMOs in organisations today.

The course is five days long, is a residential course and includes an examination on the final day.

The course is certified by AIPMO – The Association for International PMOs.

The residential approach to learning allows extra time for delegate discussions and guest speakers and presentations in the evening.

The IPMO-Expert level course carries certain pre-requisites to ensure all learners are currently working at a similar level to each other to ensure the best experience for the whole group.

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Specialist PMO Courses

PMO Learning has a number of specialist PMO courses – with more being added all the time.

Our specialist courses are designed to meet specific challenge areas PMO practitioners have.

Courses include areas such as Agile PMO; Benefits Management; Coaching and Setting Up PMOs.

Our specialist courses tend to be one or two days long and are available both in the open public schedules and available in-house.

Courses are created by PMO Learning alongside leading experts in their field to create unique and practical classes totally focused on the PMO profession.

For Level Four learners, specialist courses are the opportunity to plug skills and knowledge gaps as new PMO emerges into the market.

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Level Four Learners

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