The Agile PMO Sandwich

With the launch of our new Agile Frameworks and the PMO, we now offer 3 Agile related courses and it’s worth taking a moment to consider how they all fit together. It’s not only important to go on the right courses but to make sure you have a firm foundation in order to get the most out of the more specialised courses. In this article, we’ll discuss the best way to put together the Agile courses we offer and we believe it’s just the same as putting together a perfect sandwich!


The Agile Sandwich



PRINCE2 Agile Foundation

PRINCE2 Agile FoundationWe’ll start with, quite literally, the meat of the matter. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation brings together the staples of PRINCE2 – governance, tools and techniques, and reporting – with the new mindsets and ways of working that Agile introduced to the project delivery world. While the Waterfall and Agile methods might seem completely incompatible, PRINCE2 Agile Foundation actually covers off both, giving you the fundamental knowledge of both. PRINCE2 gives the lifecycle approach, with processes that are completely tailorable to your organisation. The Agile element of the course is designed to help provide project structure when faced with the new agile working environments.

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course brings clarity and debunks the idea that Agile is chaos and PRINCE2 is bureaucracy. The marriage of the two enables the development of practical solutions for any organisation currently incorporating traditional and Agile approaches. If you’re currently in a PMO and wanting to get to grips with how Agile approached projects work – and get a handle on the terminology and different techniques, the course for you. It is a short eLearning course that allows you to dip in and out of the learning whenever it is convenient, it gives you everything you need to get into Agile working – including the exam!

It is the AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile course which means when you’re ready to sit the exam (and hopefully) and pass, you’ll be awarded the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification.

I’m ready to do it, what next?

Take a look at the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation eLearning course on how to get going:

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is available as an eLearning course


Lean-Agile PMO

Lean-Agile PMONow we’ve got to think about what to do with the meat to make it your perfect sandwich, our toppings are all about how to use Agile in the way that’s best for your organisation. Using PRINCE2 Agile Foundation, you know how to combine Agile techniques with PM staples, but how do you implement it? Lean-Agile PMO introduces you to a new way for the PMO to support Agile and traditional project methodologies. . . . together! Lean-Agile PMO demonstrates how using Agile techniques the PMO can ensure that projects are delivered as fast as possible, irrespective of delivery methodology, with “just enough” governance so that risks are well managed and success is assured.

If you’ve completed the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course, or have worked with an Agile PMO, Lean-Agile PMO may be the next course for you. The course outlines the process and capability changes needed to up-shift the PMO function, providing a purposeful governance framework for both agile and traditional projects and programmes. It includes agile risk management, Red-Amber-Green Status analysis, agile checkpoints and status reporting. Lean-Agile PMO is run as a one-day course or as a two day including Agile Frameworks and the PMO (read on for more information)

I’m ready to do it, what next?

Take a look at the Lean-Agile PMO course overview, it’s one day and dates are currently scheduled in London:

Lean-Agile PMO is available to book now

This one day course can also be carried out in-house at your organisation. If you’re interested, [contact us]


Agile Frameworks and the PMO

Agile FrameworksOur next topping is Agile Frameworks and the PMO. So you know about Agile, and you’re using it within the PMO. Now how do you scale it up? How do you take your sandwich to a whole new level and super-size it?

Agile Frameworks and the PMO takes SCRUM – the small, flexible, bread-and-butter unit of Agile development and helps scale it up to an enterprise level. The course steps beyond the values put forth in the Agile Manifesto and explores what is meant by Agile, the unique elements of each Agile Framework, and how they can be used and governed. This course shows how the PMO can influence and guide the implementation of Agile on a large stage within an organisation.

Successful Agile change comes from within an organisation and this course shows how the PMO becomes a catalyst during the change. It also acts as a foundation for a PMO seeking to lead an Agile Transformation with further study and experience gained from Agile at the team level. Agile Frameworks and the PMO is running as a one day course or with Lean-Agile PMO as a two-day course.

If your PMO and organisation are looking for a better understanding of Agile at Scale or enterprise level Agile, this is a great course to get an understanding of all the popular options available today.

I’m ready to do it, what next?

Take a look at the Agile Frameworks course overview, it’s one day and dates are currently scheduled in London:

Agile Frameworks and the PMO is available to book now

Lean-Agile PMO and Agile Frameworks and the PMO are avalilable together now

This one day course can also be carried out in-house at your organisation. If you’re interested, [contact us]


PMO Learning

Now we’ve got all the ingredients, how do we keep them all together? PMO Learning is the encompassing bun that holds our sandwich fillings and delivers them to you in the most efficient way. If you’re looking for advice on what course is best for you, in-house courses or some more PMO Learning toppings – a sprinkle of Benefits Management or a splash of Coaching skills, PMO Learning can help. Contact us or visit our training schedule to find out more.


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