Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?

Is your PMO currently getting to grips with supporting Agile projects alongside traditional waterfall projects?

If you are, you’re not alone.

More and more PMOs are finding that their organisations what to explore if Agile delivery methods are suitable for some of the projects in their portfolios.

What we’ve found – through PMO Flashmob sessions and conversations at the PMO Conference and training events – is that many PMOs would appreciate some guidance on what they should be thinking about.

We’re hosting a webinar on that subject – on the 7th November 12 noon UK time.

Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects? is a webinar which forms part of a whole week of PMO related webinars from the Association for International PMOs (AIPMO).

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Wednesday 7th November at 12 noon UK time

Other PMO Webinars to Enjoy

There are webinars taking place all through the week at AIPMO. Here’s the line up:

Monday 5th November

What Value is a PMO if there are No Expert in the Tools & Techniques? Unique Insights from 2 Years of Research

Every trade and profession use tools and techniques.

Masters of a trade have mastered every tool they use and when and when not to use a particular technique. PMOs are project managers are no exception.

They need to be experts in understanding and applying the tools and techniques at the right time as research has shown that applying techniques at the wrong phase of a project will increase the chances of project failure.

Did you know that project managers only know on average 10 tools and techniques out of over two hundred – based on research findings? Do you know that there never have been clear definitions of what is a technique, and a tool?

AIPMO WebinarsThese terms are used interchangeably so much so, that people do not question this yet they have no idea of what constitutes a tool or a technique.

Through 2 years of research we are going to give insights in the webinar into the up-coming course on ‘tools and techniques across projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs.

We will explain how little value a PMO is if its is not a master itself of tools and techniques.

The webinar will discuss how this competency deficit can be addressed and how it can be turned around so as to offer many new PMO services and hence increase the value of the PMO to the organization

[Register here]

Tuesday 6th November

Why PMOs Need to be More Service Orientated and How to Achieve This

There are some parts of organizations or entities that never had been given much attention in terms of ways to establish and benchmark themselves to see how they are progressing.

PMOs are one of them – which is why they have mixed reputations as to the impact and value they create.

This webinar explains why this has happened and how to address this issue.

The focus is on a PMO Services perspective and why it is important to understand the potential of PMOs and match this against the needs of the organization.

The webinar gives a glimpse into the upcoming book of PMO Services and Capabilities and the AIPMO Services Framework that is used to guide the PMO manager in the determination and creation of PMO services as part of the PMO Services strategy.

The webinar concludes with the importance of having one or PMO Services and Capability experts which if in place will greatly increase the value of PMOs in your organization

[Register here]

Agile PMO Webinar

Wednesday 7th November

Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?

Many PMOs now need to support Agile projects as well as traditional waterfall projects, moving to support hybrid delivery methods.

PMO Flashmob launched the latest Inside PMO report, “Agile PMO – What’s New and What’s Not” earlier this year bringing insights from PMO Managers working in PMOs that support hybrid delivery today.

The report looks at the functions and services required and answers the questions – what stays the same, what needs to change and what is new.

The question for the PMO community is, “do you understand what additional skills and competencies you need to be equipped with?”

Many of the skills you have are still required, but some will need further honing or developed from scratch.

This session will talk about how the services of the PMO change when supporting Agile projects and what associated skills you will need to have to do that successfully.

Inside PMO is an annual report from PMO Flashmob which is created from contributions from leading PMO Managers on key PMO themes.

Presented by: Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is the founder of PMO Flashmob, The PMO Conference and is a Director of PMO Learning.

This session also provides insights from PMO Learning’s Lean-Agile PMO course.

[Register here]

Thursday 8th November

The Principle-Driven Business Case: Maximizing Performance using the AIPMO’s 9C Framework and Business Case Maturity Model

The journey to building effective business cases can be mapped to five maturity levels, with clear steps needed to progress to the next level. This webinar will show what is needed to build a mature, principle based, approach to developing business cases that will allow the performing organization to produce more robust and consistent cases. The AIPMO’s 9C case development framework will assist in reducing the amount of time and money needed to achieve this

[Register here]

Friday 9th November

MSc and DBA “Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs” – Everything You Need to Know.. and a Bit More

AIPMO and SBS Swiss Business School worked together for over a year to create a unique MSc and DBA combination that allows professionals from the world of projects/PMO and/or the world of operations to be uniquely positioned.

The majority of the C-level candidates comes from the operational world … until now! This program combination both at the MSc and DBA levels, will create the next generation of high performing senior managers/executives that if desired, will be the next generation C-level candidates pool.

This webinar covers the types of motivation that drive people to take an MSc and DBA. It provides the keen professional who may have more questions than answers to find the paths to understanding including the reasons why there are so many paradoxes in business. Topics such as how to research, taking a system view of research to ensure findings make sense within the bigger picture of a world view, leveraging synergies and how research contrary to popular belief can be a team effort… with certain caveats. This webinar is about gaining a solid understanding of how one can ‘have their cake and eat it’ with respect to learning, researching, sharing and its resulting impact. There are also topics that will be covered that will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as many potential research candidates.

[Register here]



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