Why You Should Consider the AIPMO PMO Foundation Certification

Are you working in a PMO today?

Perhaps you’re working as a PMO Analyst; Co-ordinator or other PMO team based role?

Have you been working in that role for a while?

And have you already gained some project management training or qualifications before?

If you’re answering yes to these, here’s another question:

Have you been trained or certified in a specific PMO qualification?

For a lot of people working in PMO today, the answer to that last question is no.

P3O trainingSome have considered taking up the P3O Foundation / Practitioner, which is the most recognised PMO certification available today. It certainly has its merits, the Foundation is great at giving an overview of the different context of PMOs, an introduction to the kinds of services it offers and the reasons why an organisation should have a PMO. The Practitioner one takes it to the next level and covers setting up a PMO – which is very much aimed at a PMO Manager (we would certainly recommend it, but we would say that, what with Eileen being the P3O author!)

But what about you? Working IN a PMO?

That’s where the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation comes in.

It’s not an introductory certification – the title of Foundation is a little misleading when you compare it to the P3O Foundation – it’s aimed at people who are already working in a PMO and have a few years experience under their belts.

The main benefit of the  IPMO-Foundation certification course is that it focuses on the PMO being a service provider to the organisation. It’s all about how you can improve the services the PMO offers to the business.

Here’s what you can expect to learn and takeaway from the IPMO-Foundation course:

  • Extend your understanding of project, programme and portfolio management in the context of PMOs
  • Extend your understanding of which PMO services and functions are required
  • Develop your core set of PMO capabilities required to deliver services to your PMO
  • Develop your PMO tools and techniques knowledge specific to core PMO services
  • Discuss group experiences to share and develop knowledge
  • Progress your journey to being a competent PMO practitioner
  • Pass the AIPMO-Foundation exam and become IPMO-Foundation accredited

In that sense the course has a lot more practical knowhow around the different service offerings – that’s not something covered in the P3O courses.

Ultimately that’s the reason why we were so keen to bring these certifications to the UK market because we knew that’s what was missing from the curriculum of learning for PMO professionals.

PMO Lifecycle


When we look at the PMO Lifecycle Model, we see that for most people working within the PMO, their remit is all about helping to run the PMO.

Look towards the bottom of the lifecycle model and it is the areas that underpin – the monitoring and control; the capabilities that underpin – and the focus of the IPMO-Foundation course specifically, the service area.

The service areas covered are available to view in the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation certification page – for example resource management; reporting and governance.

The IPMO-Foundation course also spends time covering the service design. Now this is really a unique piece of PMO learning – how to design new services – or improve current services with an approach which includes managing the transition, assessing the performance of the service and how to improve on it.

It is this kind of angle of a PMO professional’s work that really isn’t covered elsewhere. You won’t find it in a project management course, yet that’s what many PMO professionals have either opted for, or been directed to attend.

So, why should you consider the IPMO-Foundation certification? Because it was designed and created especially for you and the work you do in your PMO.

Why not start your PMO development today, the next open schedule course can be found [on the training schedule]

AIPMO IPMO-Foundation


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