Getting Started with AIPMO PMO Certifications

PMO Learning teamed up with Dr Robert Joslin, founder of AIPMO (Association for International PMOs) this week for a webinar session to give an overview of the PMO certifications which have hit the UK shores.

In this webinar, Eileen Roden, founder of PMO Learning, takes you through who AIPMO are and why the approach the certifications take is exactly what has been missing in the PMO learning and development field for years.

Listen to the session to find out more about the AIPMO PMO Lifecycle Framework and how this forms the basis of the certifications – and how each certification differs from each other.

More importantly, find out which certification is the right one for you and how to take the course in the UK.

Introduction to the New AIPMO Certifications for PMO Professionals from PMO Learning

For more information

PMO Learning AIPMO> Download the presentation from the session

> Download the certification brochure

> Visit the AIPMO certification page


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