Justify Your PMO Training to Your Manager

You want to get some formal training under your belt.

You’re feeling a little apprehensive about making an approach to your manager and asking for it.

What do you do?

Well, hopefully, you’ll have a look at the training justifications we have here at PMO Learning.

We’ve just released the latest one which is for the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation course and [you can access that now.]

There are three steps you need to take to be in a great place to justify your training request to your manager. First;

1. Get Prepared – Knowledge is Power

You’ve got to understand what the course is about before you can start to build your case; so start with your homework.

The guide you can access here includes all the resources you need to understand why the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation course is for you.

2. What Your Manager Wants to Hear About

You know for sure that your manager is going to ask you a few questions about the course, in this guide, we pre-empt what those questions are going to be and get you ready to give great answers.

What else do you think they’ll ask – other than how much is it going to cost me!

3. Creating the Justification

AIPMO IPMO-Foundation

We give you the template to create the justification. We recommend creating a justification via email first and then you can follow up with a discussion.

As long as you can show the benefits to yourself; the PMO and the organisation for your request for training, you know you’re giving it your best shot for securing some of that learning and development budget.

Go on, what have you got to lose?

If you’re interested in P3O Foundation; P3O Practitioner or PPSO Essentials – you can gain access to those too [take a look]

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