The PMO Lifecycle Framework

The new PMO certifications from the Association for International PMOs (AIPMO) are available for PMO professionals at three levels:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Expert

Who Are the Three Levels of PMO Certification Aimed At?

The Foundation certification is aimed at those who work within a PMO and are looking to increase their knowledge about the optimum services and capabilities that they and the PMO provides to the organisation.

The Practitioner certification is aimed at those managing PMOs – a single organisational PMO or initiative specific e.g., a project or programme related PMO.

The Expert certification is aimed at those managing and directing enterprise PMOs – “design, implementation and operation of complex topologies of enterprise-wide PMOs.”

Whilst the level of focus differs at each level of certification – each certification uses the PMO Lifecycle Framework as a basis for study.

The PMO Lifecycle Framework


PMO Lifecycle Framework
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The PMO Lifecycle Framework

The PMO Lifecycle is a series of phrases that a PMO passes through from the perceived need through to the evaluation, justification, pilot, design, implementation, operation and retiring of a PMO. It includes the monitoring and controlling activities within a governance framework, whilst adaptively aligning the PMO to the organisational strategy.

All three certification courses are delivered within the context of this PMO Framework Lifecycle – with some certifications applying more focus in some areas than others. For example in the Expert level course there is a module which focuses on the impact of organisational strategy on the design and services of a PMO. In the Foundation course, that switches to look in-depth at what those services are.

All the components highlighted in the PMO Lifecycle Framework diagram above are evident in each of the modules for each level of certification.

Take a look at the modules for Foundation; Practitioner and Expert to find out more about the course structures.

Over the course of the coming months we’ll be sharing some of the insights from the PMO Lifecycle Framework and from the courses themselves.

If you’re interested in attending any of the courses scheduled – including the next Expert level course on the 18th June which comes with a free PMO Conference 2018 ticket – take a look at the schedule.

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