Writing a Great PMO CV

We’ve just launched a new distance-learning course for PMO practitioners who are looking to improve their CV and get those opportunities they want.

It’s a two-week distance learning course which means over that time you’ll receive instructions on how to plan and create your CV following the advice which we know works.

Writing a CV should be a life skill, it’s something you use throughout your career and in this distance learning course, you’ll learn the skills and insights into developing your own PMO focused CV.

PMO CV Writing CourseThere are six modules which will take you through the steps you need to take before writing your CV before learning the practical steps to create a compelling CV that gets you noticed for all the right reasons by hiring organisations and recruiters.

You’ll learn how to create a personal summary that gets read; a career history that targets the right type and level of PMO; you’ll learn how to create key achievements that get noticed and how to showcase your skills and experience throughout.

The course features real examples to help you develop the skills you need to write your own CV now and throughout your career.

The six modules in the course include:

  • Getting Started – Getting into the Right Mindset
  • Preparation – Taking Stock of Your Skills and Experiences.
  • Creating a Compelling Personal Statement.
  • Creating Career Histories That Highlight All the Right Experiences.
  • Writing Key Achievements That Open the Door to Interviews.
  • Putting the PMO CV Together

With templates, clear guidance, video sessions and a learner’s forum to get your questions answered, this two-week course is brilliant value for just £25.

You’ll also have access to the course for life; ready for whenever you need a refresher to secure the next role in your career.

The course has been developed by me after running many PMO CV workshops; providing 1-2-1 career and CV advice for PMO practitioners and working with PMO recruitment since 2002.

The advice and guidance you’ll receive in this two-week distance-learning course is guaranteed to elevate your CV; get shortlisted more and gain more interviews.

Sound like something you need to invest in? [Find out more right here]

Over the course of two weeks, you’ll receive each lesson via email and within your learner’s account, right here on PMO Learning. And if you’re struggling at any time you can ask questions in the learner’s forum.

This course is for anyone working in PMO, with any level of experience who wants to stand out in the marketplace and secure the role you’re applying for.

To enrol and get started, check out the [CV Development for PMO Practitioners] distance learning course today.


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