Developing Your PMO Leadership Skills

You’re great at what you do and that has put you in a position where you are either leading the PMO agenda for your business or heading up a team. Up to now, your success has been down to your PMO knowledge – but now that’s not enough, you know you are going to be measured by how well you lead, but what does that mean?

You still only have 24 hours a day, and yet there is more than ever to do and to deliver– so something has to change. Becoming a leader in the PMO isn’t about being given the job title, it’s about taking a different approach to doing what you do.

On the 21st of January, PMO Learning will be hosting a webinar on PMO Leadership. During the webinar, Eileen Roden, Consulting Director of PMO Learning, and Bekka Prideaux, esteemed Leadership coach and consultant, will be discussing some of the changes required when entering a PMO leadership role and how you can balance your leadership role with your role in delivering the work. They’ll also be taking a look Bekka’s new course, Foundations of PMO Leadership, which will be launching in March.


The webinar is running on Tuesday 21st January, from 12 – 1pm. Sign up here.

You can find out more about Bekka Prideaux here or take a look at her current course offering – Coaching Skills for the PMO.

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