Why Should You Do the P3O® Foundation?

I remember when P3O® first got launched back in 2008. It was a game-changer for those working in PMO. Finally, there was a recognition that PMOs did exist and the people who work within them wanted to be educated just as much as Project Managers were with all their choices of training and accreditations available.

P3O® is still a popular course for those committed to working in a PMO – that’s Project Office, Programme Office and Portfolio Office – the three types of PMO that make the 3 in the P3O® title.

If you’re currently working in a PMO or project support role and considering taking the P3O® Foundation course, here’s why you should:

Understand What PMO is All About

It’s a great training course for giving you PMO focused insights. It’s not about project management; programme management or portfolio management (although of course, it mentions those a few times!) it’s all about the structure of PMOs; the different types of PMO; the functions and services they provide and how PMOs operate in an organisation.

If you’re committed to developing yourself in PMO, you can’t ignore the mountains of good practice that can be found in P3O®.

The P3O manual is worth buying for Appendix F alone

That’s what many experienced PMO professionals say today. It’s the part of the book that focuses on the functions and services of the PMO and the information contained in there is invaluable throughout your career.

P3O Distance-Learning

Show Your Commitment to Your Career

If you’re working in PMO, how do you demonstrate your commitment and professionalism? Speaking from my recruitment background in recruiting PMO professionals over the last 16 years, organisations obviously prefer those PMO professionals that understand the business of PMO – and demonstrate that with a qualification in the field in which they work.

Want to Go Further in Your PMO Career

Formal accreditation is certainly one of the steps you have to take – and for PMO professionals today that’s about formal training in project management, programme management, portfolio management and of course PMO.

The P3O® Foundation is the perfect first step to formal accreditation in PMO.

Feeling Ambitious?

P3O QuizIf you’re looking to do great things in your PMO career it makes sense that you understand what the current best practice is in an established and recognised standard like P3O®. You learn the concepts, models, structures and how to setup, work in and improve PMO function and services. We all need that extra knowledge that gives us the confidence to try new things in our work or put ourselves forward for challenging tasks.

Learning P3O® opens up a world of terminology; theories, proven practices – and ultimately gives you the confidence to do great things in your PMO career.

Can it Get Me a Job?

A qualification alone can never do that – finding work in any profession is about combining experience and knowledge, the ability to perform tasks and activities associated with the role. P3O® won’t get you a job within PMO alone, an accreditation can put you ahead of the competition in any recruitment process when it comes down to a field of candidates all with the same experience. It’s the thing that can make the difference between securing an interview or not.

Need to Justify It?

Take a look at the advice we’ve pulled together to help you approach your manager with a request for P3O® Foundation training!
> Take a look at the guide

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