5 Things Organisations Need to Know About Management of Portfolios®

We’ve been speaking with Management of Portfolios® trainer Michelle Rowland to share 5 things organisations need to know about the Management of Portfolios certification suite.

Can you describe MoP® in 5 words?

How to run your business.

Why should delegates take MoP®?

Portfolio management is essential to any organisation, because every organisation wants to achieve more than it possibly can – this may be due to its funding, its resource constraints etc. MoP® will help with the prioritisation of initiatives, which ones are the most important, and what order to do them in, in order to achieve the strategic aims and objectives. It will also help with the ongoing monitoring of the portfolio to ensure it continues to deliver those strategic objectives.

What concept do delegates find the most difficult to grasp in MoP®?

Most difficult is investment appraisal techniques and how to apply them. Delegates should come prepared to do some basic maths calculations – but nothing too tricky.

How can delegates use what they’ve learnt in MoP® and use it in their role?

The course has practical guidance on how to do your job. If you can pick up on that guidance and create an action plan from it, in particular the top five things I can do differently in my day job. Depending what level you are of course; if you’re early in your career it may involve how can I manage my work more effectively, if you’re further in your career it may be how can I work more effectively to deliver the projects and programmes in the portfolio you’re supporting. Often it’s about what are the most practical things I can take away and apply to my day job that will make a difference to the way the organisation operates.

Trying to take away 20 or 30 things never works – so picking the top five is a good way to go. Find out how you can make those happen, and have an action plan to do them, and discuss with your manager on how you will implement them. Getting the support of your manager is really important – without it you’re often fighting an uphill battle. With it, they can put it into your objectives and support you in doing it!

What’s the one thing delegates should know before taking MoP?

Before taking MoP® delegates should understand project management as a minimum. Without understanding what a project is and how it is managed, delegates will struggle to get their heads around MoP®.

Our first MoP® Foundation course is taking place on the 18th – 20th July, and if you were looking to complete the full MoP® certification suite in one week, for one fantastic price – join us on the 18th – 22nd July!

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