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In this article, I decided to jump back into my AIPMO-Expert course notes to try and give you an idea about what to expect on the Expert level course. We’ve already covered what the course feels like with a meeting of minds. We’ve also shared what a previous delegate thought about the course. And of course, there’s the overview of the course available too.

So what else can I share with you?

One of the things about the Expert level course which brings to life the course materials are the exercises.

Action LearningThere is a case-study running throughout the 5-day course which of course has various exercises within it.

There are also additional exercises which are based on action-learning.

These exercises are dotted about the course, and because it’s also a residential course, there’s also more informal action-learning through discussions over dinner too.

One of the exercises I’m going to share with you was around the PMO services and capabilities.

PMO Services and Capabilities Exercise

The questions to be explored included:

  1. Why type of PMO are we going to cover
  2. What PMO services are offered
  3. What PMO services are requested but not offered
  4. What PMO services would be useful if they were offered
  5. What capabilities would be required to provide these services
  6. And finally, describe your PMO services and capabilities catalogue – and if you don’t have one what would it be like?

You can probably guess from those great set of questions that the conversations between us could have gone on for hours!

Highlights from the Exercise

You can see the rough notes from the exercise that I took on the day.

In this particular exercise, one of the learners shared their own experiences managing an Enterprise level PMO.

You can see the types of services that the ePMO offered – around enabling and supporting. Lots of practical help with a centre of excellence type service offering – what was fascinating though was the emphasis on coaching. With a fairly mature delivery organisation, the PMO is there to provide a light touch – to offer guidance and help in hotspot areas rather than a command-and-control heavy function.

AIPMO Expert



You can also see – with the question about what services are requested but not offered – that areas such as business analysis skills required; supporting change management activities and tools and technology support – are all areas that this particular PMO should choose to explore and perhaps provide in the future.

The exercise in the classroom is not just about identifying areas like this – although having the opportunity to take a step back from the work environment for a week does let you see what has been right in front of you for a while – it’s also about being able to think through, “why is this service being requested?”, “what’s driving that request?” and “how are we going to respond to that?”

The AIPMO-Expert course is about making you think. As a leader and senior manager in the business, it’s about having that time away to understand what the latest practices are in your chosen field; to learn from other leaders on the course and ultimately to come away from that course having been through that thought process, ready to tackle challenges in a new way.

AIPMO-Expert Training


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