Continuing Professional Development for PMO Practitioners

When someone says ‘Continuing Professional Development’ to you, what’s your first reaction?

Are you thinking of training courses? Collecting points to maintain a professional membership? How about ‘lifelong learning’?

In our latest webinar, we asked registrants what it meant to them and what was the last thing they did that was about Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

We share their insights along with details about the 70-20-10 model which is used to find those sources of learning that help us develop professionally.

We looked specifically at what activities exist within the 70% – which is about learning on the job; 20% which is learning from others and 10% on formal training.



We also looked at specific examples for people working in PMO today and why there is development needed for yourself; your PMO and your wider organisation.

With the PMO specifically, there has been a lot of new ground to cover over the last few years (Agile anyone?!) and lots more coming down the line (data-driven!). With PMOs evolving and the services they offer also evolving – that’s a lot of change and potential development on the horizon.

In this webinar, Eileen and Lindsay share insights and ideas which you can explore to start thinking about your own development plan – and how you can think differently about the 70-20-10.

Not got the time? Listen to Eileen giving a brief overview of what Continuing Professional Development, watch this short video:


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