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Just last Monday we were happily moving ahead with our classroom schedule of courses. Now here we are flipping the business completely on its head and moving forward with a whole different mindset.

What a difference a week can make.

Whilst we’re all busy working out what’s happening right now and thinking about how we’re going to carry on working from wherever we need to work – things will start to feel less panicky, we’ll start to gain some control in places.

You’re probably already aware of the Kübler-Ross model, probably better known as the grief cycle.

I think we went through all of it in a day last week. We’re a small business and it all just started to feel really scary, then we were overwhelmed before eventually getting to a plan that said, you know what, they always say that stress is mostly caused by not being in control, or trying to control the uncontrollable. Let’s control what we can and get a plan together.

For some that means being in control by buying up all the loo rolls in the supermarket, for us, right now from a business point of view, it means we’re bringing our virtual classroom training options to the market just a few months earlier than we planned to.



So PMO Learning is here, ready for when you’re ready to take a few days to work on your knowledge and skills training – who knows, perhaps there will be more leeway to do some training whilst you’re working from home or having to self-isolate. There are always opportunities when we’re faced with a threat and we’re uncovering those each day as we work towards the new normal.

Virtual Classroom Courses

These courses are now available as virtual classroom courses. Virtual classroom courses are delivered by a live instructor, delivered online and for a set time and date. Here’s what you can plan to do in the coming weeks:

  • Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th May – Setting up a PMO (2 days) – Virtual Classroom – £525 [Take a look]
  • Wednesday 13th May – Benefits Management (1 day) – Virtual Classroom – £295 [Take a look]
  • Tuesday 19th May – Thursday 21st May – P3O Foundation (3 days) Virtual Classroom – £795 [Take a look]
  • Thursday 18th June – Lean-Agile PMO – (1 day) – Virtual Classroom – £295 [Take a look]
  • Monday 6th July – Wednesday 8th July – P3O Foundation (3 days) Virtual Classroom – £795 [Take a look]
  • Thursday 6th July – Friday 7th July – P3O Practitioner (2 days) Virtual Classroom – £695 [Take a look]
  • Thursday 23rd July – Benefits Management (1 day) – Virtual Classroom – £295 [Take a look]

You can also find out more about the virtual classroom courses from PMO Learning and what to expect.

P3O Foundation Virtual Class



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