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The Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) Certifications from AXELOS are the most popular qualifications in the UK for people working within or leading a PMO function. Many PMOs operating today have adopted the P3O® model.

There are currently 2 available P3O® Certifications:

Here at PMO Learning, we have a great variety of options to suit your learning style and allow you to complete your P3O® certifications!

Furthermore, our P3O® courses are led by lead P3O® author, Eileen Roden. Eileen has over 15 years experience, and is an expert on all things PMO!

Virtual Classroom

Looking to learn in a classroom environment with a live trainer, other delegates and interactive exercises? Our virtual classroom has proven to be a hugely popular and convenient way to complete your P3O® certifications.

You’ll still receive all the materials and textbook – just like you would in a real classroom – plus you’ll also be engaging in training exercises online with your peers.

Take a look at our P3O Taster video below to get an insight into what our P3O® courses look like in our virtual classroom!

Take a look at our upcoming virtual P3O® Foundation and Practitioner courses!

Distance Learning

P3O Distance-LearningIf you enjoy learning at your own pace and looking for a great price too – you can consider the P3O® Foundation Distance-Learning option.

With this course, there is no live instructor; you’ll receive an email each week for six weeks giving you access to assistance in using your P3O® manual, studying and getting ready for your exam.

When you purchase your course, you will have access to your P3O® Foundation exam voucher and straight away you’ll receive your first email to get you started.

You’ll also have access to our Learner’s Forum where any questions can be posted and the trainer will respond to you.

This option means the course is self-directed and you’ll be learning through reading and understanding the P3O® manual.

You can read more about our Distance Learning options here!

Public Courses

P3O FoundationIf you’re looking for in-person, virtual classroom-based learning, then our public courses are for you!

PMO courses delivered by PMO Learning are available through open public schedules.

Courses are currently being run as virtual classroom courses which bring great savings on course prices.

Our courses are not just about the time you spend with us on the training days – it’s also about the pre and post-course too.

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your training experience and feel confident you can apply your learning back in your PMO role.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not currently running classroom-based courses. When circumstances allow, and it is safe to do so, our scheduled public courses will be updated on our Live Training Schedule.

In-House Courses

P3O Practitioner We are also able to bring our P3O® certification courses in-house, a cost-effective and efficient way to train over 6 learners from the same organisation.

Team training in-house also brings a whole host of development benefits too – training together gives a shared understanding of what their PMO is there to do; how it works; what it provides to the business.

Often an in-house course provides an opportunity to step back and check that everyone has the same level of understanding – you’ll be surprised how much this varies between individuals in the team.

If you’d like to enquire about bringing one of our P3O® certification courses in-house, you can enquire here!

Here’s what our delegates have to say…

Excellent delivery, kept it engaging as Eileen was so passionate about it. Great stories, real-life examples, excellent explanation, patience AND most importantly – FAB sense of humour.

You can view all of our upcoming courses on our Live Training Schedule!

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