Improving Portfolio Management

The world of the PMO is constantly changing – one of the more recent additions to its services is Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management

According to the most recent Gartner study (Gartner Magic Quadrant for PPM May 2019), by 2023, 80% of organisations will have an enterprise project, programme or product management office (PMO).

It is only fair to say that Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management is still developing.

“Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management is an integrated set of strategic processes and arrangements, that together enable the most effective balance of investments in change and other activities”

There are also quite a few capability maturity models in the market which might be considered as insufficient to address the needs of a fully functioning Enterprise-wide Portfolio Management ecosystem – not at least for the absence of practical advice.

That’s what the newly refreshed course from PMO Learning is addressing – a practical course for senior PMO practitioners who are focused on implementing and embedding portfolio management level PMOs and services.

The course also covers improvement in the maturity of enterprise-wide portfolio management – and its because of this part of the course that learners leave with a practical roadmap of the actions needed based on their own particular context and the indvidual organisational challenges.

Portfolio Management – What are your options?

You might already be familiar with the AXELOS course – Management of Portfolios (MoP). With that course there is a lot of theory and its often the place to start when you’re beginning the portfolio management journey.

If you’ve been working for a while in this space, what’s probably missing in your knowledge is knowing how to assess and understand the current state of your portfolio management practices; how to then pinpoint the right improvement areas and of course make changes that are effective and stick.

That’s where the Understanding Business Agility Through Portfolio Management course has been specially refreshed for – to address the real practical concerns and give practitioners the knowledge they need to practically apply it back in the workplace.

Understanding Business Agility Through Portfolio Management – What to expect?

Pre-Course Assessment

There is a pre-course assessment to complete before the course starts. The series of questions you answer enables you to start thinking about the current state of portfolio management in your organisation.

The assessment results also form part of your focus during the course too, for example, the question: To what degree are your investments aligned to organisation strategy? The question is aligned to the Strategy and Leadership part of the framework in the course.

At a recent PMO Flashmob session we went through the questions as a group – there were fascinating insights and some surprises – but this was a group view.

Before the course commences; you’ll receive your own assessment to complete and receive the insights ready for the course:

The course itself focuses on the framework and the associated theories of portfolio management. Based on your own assessment; you’ll also have the opportunity to focus on the key areas highlighted.

You’ll be building an individual roadmap throughout the course and learning about how to achieve the goals you’re setting. You’ll be learning about how others have failed and succeeded – the real approaches that matter the most and work.

The course is 2 days, takes place in the virtual classroom and is available to [book today]

Interested in learning more about the portfolio management themes? Carry on reading!

Portfolio Management Themes

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