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Here at PMO Learning – we’ve had an increasing amount of interest in bringing our certification courses in-house to a wide variety of organisations. From P3O® to the House of PMO Essentials certification suite, more teams than ever are investing in getting their whole team certified – and there are some fantastic advantages in doing so…

Cost Effective

Perhaps one of the most beneficial part of taking part in in-house training with PMO Learning is the cost effectiveness. If you’re looking for training for six or more delegates, there are some great savings to be had, and you can train up to 12 members of your team for one great price – much cheaper than sending all 12 on one of our public courses.

There are further savings to be had when we consider the logistics of the training – you can save money on travel expenses such as train tickets, hotel rooms, and meal expenses, as we are able to deliver training from the comfort of your own office, or preferred online training tool.

Specific to your organisation

The tailoring to your organisation goes above choosing the training venue or online tool – our trainers are able to work closely with you and your team to apply the syllabus of the certification training to the unique set up of your PMO, meaning your team can get trained in a specific context that is directly relevant to their day-to-day.

We have experience working with both private and public sector industries – from healthcare, to finance, retail, professional services and beyond, we are able to tailor our training to suit your needs – whether that be by applying P3O® structures to the set up of your PMO, to adjusting our approach and delivery based off any of your organisation’s specific confidentiality requirements.

Course customisation is not limited to course content – we are also able to deliver flexibly based on your team’s availability and schedule. It can be difficult to find team-wide availability when scheduling In-House training for an organisation, but we can work with you to fit your timetable. Whether you’d like to complete five days of training over the course of a week, split the process over a weekend (Wednesday-Friday and Monday-Tuesday) or on a monthly schedule, we can adapt our in-house training to suit you.

There is even further flexibility when delivering certification courses in-house when considering the exam element of the training. At PMO Learning, all certification training includes an exam voucher, which allows delegates to book their exam at a time and location which is convenient for them – we are no longer restricted to sitting the exam on the final day of the course. This can be a great opportunity for teams to reflect on their learning, implement the teachings of the course and truly instill their knowledge before completing their exam.

Team Building

For many of us, the past few years have been spent working from home – which has meant for some of us, we have had limited exposure to our whole team, and for others, they are yet to meet their colleagues in-person! In-house certification training not only allows teams to become qualified in their knowledge by establishing a defined, base level of understanding, but can instill confidence and develop relationships between team members – particularly when there is varying levels of experience between colleagues.

We are also able to provide daily reviews of the training which can allow you as a manager to get an insight into levels of understanding within a team – which often varies dramatically between team members.

Here’s what our delegates have to say about our In-House courses:

My team loved it. Bringing a trainer in on site meant that they spent time together as a team, they got excited and enthused over what we could do and putting our World to rights was a powerful exercise for them all.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to train over six members of staff, are looking for a training course that is customised to your team and organisation, and are looking to learn from the comfort of your own office – an In-House certification course might be the perfect option for you. You can get in touch with us about any in-house training courses here.

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