Measuring and Improving PMO Services

The AIPMO Foundation level course is the one aimed at those working in a PMO – such as PMO Analysts and Co-ordinators. The course focuses on the PMO Services – how they are designed, built, run and transformed.

The course is unique in that it goes to a much greater depth of detail around the 22 different domains of services.

AIPMO Foundation Service Domains

One of the most frequent questions Eileen gets asked is around the measurement side of services – how do we know that the service being provided is hitting the mark with the delivery organisation.

It’s a popular topic in the PMO field and one also covered in more detail at PMO Flashmob with the report – KPIs, Metrics and Measures.

In the AIPMO-Foundation course looks at the different services and consider the capabilities needed to carry out the service and then considers if the PMO is capable enough to succeed and how to measure that evolving ability to succeed.

There are many different ways to measure success, for example:

  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Project, Programme or Portfolio impact (outcome and efficiency)
  • Organizational benefits
  • Future potential (willingness to do projects)
  • Increase in level of PMO maturity
  • Increase in level of Project Management Maturity
  • Increase in number of requests (new PMOs, advice, trouble shooting, innovation (ideas seeded)
  • Increase in competencies of individuals, capabilities of the PMO and services offered
  • Meeting Service Level Agreements
  • Change of organization culture

There are also many different places across the AIPMO PMO Lifecycle where success could be measured:

Measuring and Improving PMO Success


The course also focuses on how the measurement process is carried out, the steps to take to measure success and what to do with the data, information and insights it brings.

AIPMO Foundation

If you’re looking for a course which really does go into the details of the PMO role, the AIPMO Foundation course is the one for you.

To find out more about AIPMO Foundation plus take a look at the detailed module breakdown.

PMO Metrics and Measures

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