Meet the PMO Coaching Team!

Recently, we’ve seen more and more people interested in our PMO Coaching Sessions. Our team of coaches have a huge wealth of experience and can help you whether you’re just starting out in your PMO career, looking to progress to the next step of your professional development, improve your current performance or even set professional goals.

In this post, we’ll be introducing our PMO Coaching Team, and hearing from some of them outline in their own words what makes their coaching unique.

Lindsay Scott

Lindsay is one of our fantastic directors here at PMO Learning. Here’s what she had to say about her coaching:

I’ve been focused on giving PMO professionals advice around their careers for almost 20 years, popular sessions arealways around the effectiveness of their CVs and how they can make improvements. I like to give constructive advice, real practical tips which they can pick up and do straightaway. A lot of the time it’s confidence building and just having someone else reassure them they’re on the right lines and if they’re not, what to do to make it better.. and quickly”

Lindsay specialises in getting into the PMO as a career, writing high-impact PMO CVs, interview preparation and PMO career advice.

Eileen Roden

Eileen is our second director of PMO Learning, and you might recognise her as a trainer for a number of our courses! Eileen

specialises in PMO training and development, core PMO functions and services, challenges at work and the knowledge and capability of the PMO.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about coaching with Eileen:

Her ability to talk about her own real on the job experience. She has excellent communication, better than the consultants I’ve had to deal with lately!

She used simple language and examples that I could understand clearly so, I felt we covered a lot in an hour as I wasn’t confused because she kept it simple. The structure of the conversation was really good. She asked me upfront what I wanted and checked during the conversation that I understood things. She asked good questions that made me think differently and have an ‘ah ha’ moment”

Find out more about Eileen’s coaching here.

Holger Heuss

Holger is our Portfolio Management and the PMO course trainer, and has a wealth of experience governance andportfolio/change management, PMO, IT Operating Models.

Holger also has an exceptional track record of leading, designing, delivering and assuring large and challenging programmes around business and IT digital transformation, organisational design, portfolio management, IT management, IT finance management and transformation, regulatory, compliance and business and IT process improvement, mainly in financial services.

Find out more about Holger’s coaching specialties here.

Chris Walters

Chris expertise is in ensuring that an organisation is holistically and sustainably in the best shape possible to deliver the projects that it invests in and achieves the outcomes that make a difference.

Here’s what he has to say about his mentoring style:

I take on mentoring clients who are typically PMO leaders with some challenges to overcome, and some gaps in their experience.

My mentoring style is friendly, collaborative, challenging and focused on helping the mentee be at ease with the possibilities available, and narrowing them down to a plan of action that is workable and likely to deliver success within their own business context.

The key areas I specialise in are portfolio PMO, governance, ecosystems for change, PPM tooling, PMO service catalogue design and delivery capability / competence but I’m always up for rolling my sleeves up and providing some input on most aspects of PMOs!”

Find out more about Chris here.

Stuart Dixon

Stuart has over 25 years experience working in PMOs, and is the author of the PMO Service Catalogue. Specialising in PMO

functions and services, career paths within the PMO, PMO knowledge and capability and interview and assessment prep, Stuart can provide fantastic practical advice.

In his own words…

As the author of the PMO Service Catalogue book and with 30 years of experience within the PMO profession I can offer coaching across the range of PMO experiences, from the people just starting in their PMO career, through to those looking to move to the next level.

The coaching is focused to what the individual needs, giving them advice on how to adapt things to their company and its culture, reassuring them that they are totally capable to do what is asked of them if only someone would give them a chance.

Looking to find out more about Stuart?

Ken Burrell

Ken is the author of Learning Lessons from Projects: How it works, why it goes wrong, and how you can do it better, and his coaching specialisms surround working as a PMO contractor, implementing PMO strategy, implementing PgMOs, and lessons learned.

His friendly but no-nonsense approach has proven popular with coaching clients who highly recommend him. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers had to say:

Once I updated my CV with his suggestions, I went from getting no agency call backs and interviews to landing a fixed term contract within a matter of weeks!

Ken’s friendly and professional approach coupled with his PMO knowledge is what makes him an excellent mentor and coach within this field. He helped me to realise my professional value when I’d lost all hope of getting back to work. I would happily recommend Ken to anyone wanting to get into project management, career advancement or self-development.”

Interested in coaching with Ken? Find out more here.

Bekka Prideaux

You may recognise Bekka from our Coaching Skills for the PMO course, and she has significant expertise in Leadership, Team work and developing effective working relationships in project environments.

For example include dealing with difficult team members and situations, leading a team through change, improving team and department performance, having difficult conversations, dealing with toxic workplace relationships, creating enabling working environments, giving feedback and effective delegation.

Here’s what Bekka has to say about her coaching services:

I work with PMO and Project professionals to unlock their potential as leaders, and that of the teams and projects they work with. I bring nearly 30 years of experience in change, leadership, and projects to the coaching and mentoring work I do with clients.  My goal is always to enable my clients to leverage their skills, knowledge, and experience by challenging and supporting them on their journey.

At the heart of the work I do is helping people be curious about their situation, potential options, and ultimately the choices they make in order to get results. Along with coaching, I love working closely with people to help them develop their coaching skills and am passionate about the Coaching Skills Course I deliver with PMO Learning

Interested in a coaching session with Bekka? Find out more here.

Carol Hindley

Carol is one of our P3O and Benefits Management trainers, with expertise in leading a PMO function. She has over 20 years ofexperience working in various kinds of PMOs, and is a lead author of the PMO Competency Framework.

She has a real passion for multiplying PMO professionals – numerous members of her PMO teams have progressed within their PMO career despite having an objective to get out of the PMO!

Carol can help with switching the PMO to an agile mindset, building a happy, healthy PMO team, improving PMO capability and personal PMO career progression.

John McIntyre

John has delivered projects and programmes in sectors spanning entertainment, banking, telecoms, and even cement! He’s lead international PMO teams and delivered in fast moving tech organizations.

His coaching and mentoring sessions focus on setting clear and stretching objectives, and organizing the PMO for efficient delivery of the products and projects that really matter to the business. John’s specialities include setting goals and OKRs that align teams and get results, working with agile teams and deriving benefit from Kanban/Lean cultures and blending agility and scaled agile with traditional portfolio management practices.

If you’re looking support in any of these areas, why not find out more about John?

Dr. Judy Payne

Judy is a chair of the BSI KM committee, a co-writer of the ISO KM standard, has contributed to KM material to many PPMpublications, and is the lead author of Managing Knowledge in Project Environments. In 2021, she became one of the first to be awarded KM Fellowship by CILIP.

Judy’s coaching specialises in knowledge management, organisational learning, strategy and research and analysis, in  particular helping teams and organisations create and use knowledge effectively to improve outcomes – covering everything from communities of practice to using a knowledge lens to understand and solve common PPM issues.

You can find out more about Judy here.

Graham Burke

Graham is one of our newest trainers of our Setting Up a PMO course, and provides our coaching clients help with all things “PMO”. Breaking-down complex transformation and change objectives in to well formed, achievable “packages” with appropriate governance to manage risk and deliver the desired outcomes, and ensuring that all delivery frameworks and processes are efficient, mine the right data and provide the insight required for timely, effective decision making.

Graham talks about his coaching below:

I am actually passionate about helping those just starting out in their working careers, especially if that too is in a “PMO” setting.  There is so much talk at the moment about Greatness and Legacy, but as you set out on your working life it is actually ok to be “good”.

To get to greatness you have to pass through good and I think that is being forgotten at the moment.

So I am looking to inspire and enthuse the next generation of PMO’ers, providing guidance and support on a wide range of topics and sign-posting resources that can help on the way.  I’m in it for the long haul you might say.

My aim is to challenge those I work with, to open different approaches and views of working life to help the individual progress and perhaps accelerate their career.

Graham also offers a “Role Play” service, to assist clients embed various areas of development. If this is something you would be interested in, find out more about Graham and his coaching services here.

So, that’s our PMO Coaching Team!

If you’re interested in personal development, advancing in your career, preparing for an interview or looking for some 1-to-1 support, you can fill out our coaching enquiry form and we will be in touch to organise your free, 10 minute consultation call!

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