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AIPMO Expert Level Course for PMO PractitionersWe decided a while back that the AIPMO Expert level course should be a residential course.


This course is so much more than just classroom learning with an exam and a certification at the end.

The Expert level course is for PMO practitioners who are either leading enterprise-level PMOs within an organisation or are consultants that are advising and leading on the setup of PMOs for their clients.

With these PMO practitioners – leaders in their field who have already amassed lots of experiences – it is the many stories they have to share with their similarly experienced PMO leaders that really starts to bring out additional learning and stimulate broader thinking and ideas generation.

What has always been a bonus for any PMO practitioner is the opportunity to spend time with other PMO practitioners. It’s almost as if there is no-one else within their organisation who precisely gets their role. When they do meet a PMO counterpart, in an environment that facilitates discussion and action-learning exercises like the AIPMO-Expert course, the whole experience is just that little bit more, well, it just feels right. At the end of it, you will have made some brilliant contacts.

The residential course is also a great way to bring in different types of learning and collaboration – especially at this Expert level. The course also features guests – other experts in their fields who join the course for dinner. These evenings, in a more informal setting often bring other subject matter to the fore.

Here’s one piece of feedback after the last Expert course:

Very good course and I think some of that was down to the fact it was run as an intensive residential course. A genius idea! I learnt so much more than just the course content. Loved the after-dinner talks too!

PMO Learning was originally set up because we genuinely love PMO. It’s an area that is continuing to evolve, with lots of challenges still to solve, with many areas still to expand our thinking and increase the maturity of the practical application of PMO functions and services. PMO is also a role where the people who work within it are genuinely passionate about it too.

It’s these people, the leaders and future leaders of PMO who are shaping the role and the function. It’s for these people that the AIPMO Expert course was created and is now being actively sought as the certification training course that has been missing from a professional PMO practitioner’s career to date.

The course will make you think; it will challenge you. It’s not an easy course to do – there’s a lot in it and sure, a residential course is full-on.

If you’re in a position of leadership in PMO, make the AIPMO-Expert course feature in your career development plans – the only course that has been created for practitioners at the senior leadership level in PMO.

The AIPMO Expert course overview is available, click the image to download as a PDF.

AIPMO Expert Course

AIPMO Expert Course Module Breakdown

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