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Years ago when PMO Flashmob hadn’t yet formed and Eileen and I were still volunteering for the PPSOSIG (a voluntary events group that was born out of the alumni of those who had taken their PPSO certifications) one of the most frequent bits of feedback we had from events was being able to meet others who worked in the same field was a big plus.

Back then, working in PMO was a rarity (well, at least it felt like that!) and people were just glad to meet other people, have a chat about what they did and compared notes. It didn’t really matter what kind of organisation each person worked in, there were always similarities in the PMO work they were doing that they could talk about and learn from each other.

Fast forward a few years and one of the reasons PMO Flashmob was formed was because of this. We just wanted to create a time and place for people who worked in PMO to come together and basically chat with each other.

That still happens today at PMO Flashmob events. Sure there’s often a mini-masterclass PMO session, something to listen to and learn from – but there’s always time to network and chat to each other – and that remains important for a number of reasons.

Not least, something like PMO Flashmob can feel like “your own little coaching circle” with different viewpoints given by people you speak to. After all, these people ‘get’ exactly what you’re talking about and the challenges you’ve facing. They always happy to provide their thoughts or how they themselves dealt with a similar situation.

Over the years, Eileen and I have both offer something a little more formal than that to the PMO community. For some people, they prefer a little privacy or just want to have a dedicated conversation with someone.

We’ve now joined forces in PMO Learning, so it made sense to provide an easier way for people who are looking for help and guidance in their PMO career to get in touch. If you’re looking for your own PMO coaching or mentoring – either as a one-off session for a specific challenge you’re facing, or a number of sessions over a period of time – take a look at what we do.

PMO Coaching and Mentoring

Here’s what we both specialise in:

Eileen can help with:

  • Guidance on PMO work issues – the “how-to”
  • Ongoing mentoring to improve overall capability in your PMO role
  • PMO training and development advice
  • PMO studying and examination guidance

I (Lindsay) can help with:

  • Careers guidance for people in Programme and Project Office Management Roles
  • Careers guidance for people in Programme and Project Office / Support Roles
  • Getting into PMO – entry-level positions
  • Changing Careers to PMO
  • CV advice, interview preparation, recruitment process advice

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We’re here when you really need that extra help and you’re not sure where to turn to – alternatively, please do come along to a PMO Flashmob event and get talking to others. It really does help.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or coach yourself, why not get in touch and have a chat with us

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