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At PMO Learning, we’ve revamped our training path to help you understand which training course is right for you.

The first step to using the Training Wheel successfully is identifying which level you are currently working at. There are four levels to look at:

  • Level 1 – You are new to working in project support, you may be working as a Project Administrator, Project Support Officer or similar.
  • Level 2 – Your role involves supporting portfolios, programmes and projects, working as a PMO Analysts, or a PMO Co-ordinator.
  • Level 3 – You lead and manage PMOs, perhaps as a PMO Manager or Lead, or as a Project or Programme Manager.
  • Level 4 – You manage and direct PMOs, and your role is more senior, such as that of a PMO Director or Head of Portfolios.

Once you have established which level you are working at, the next step is to identify where there are gaps in your knowledge – if you’re brand new to the PMO, it might be worth considering a certification course to give you a strong foundation of understanding of projects and programmes, such as the Essentials for PMO Administrators course, or the P3O® Foundation qualification.

You may be looking to address a specific subject area in which you don’t have a lot of experience, or an area you’re looking to specialise in, why not take a look at some of our specialist courses such as Portfolio Management and the PMO, or our brand new course Assurance for the PMO Professional?

If your team are working at different levels on our Training Wheel, and you’d like to bring everyone up to a defined standard, an in-house course is a great, cost effective way to train your whole team – get in touch with us here!

If you’re unsure which course to take, let us know what you’re looking to achieve, and we would love to help you in finding the right training for you.

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