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It’s the PMO Conference 2019 coming up in a few weeks and PMO Learning is going to be there exhibiting.

Alongside the conference is the return of the pre-conference classes. They started for the first time last year and it enables delegates to get into certain PMO topic areas that traditional training courses don’t cater for. PMO Learning are running a benefits management one and an Agile frameworks one – alongside the P3O study day which is where delegates who have opted to home study for their P3O Foundation come together on the day to sit their exam.

This year we’re excited to see two classes from the Association for International PMOs (AIPMO) which focus on Services & Capabilities and Techniques & Tools.

PMO Services and Capabilities

PMO Services and CapabilitiesThe Services and Capabilities one is especially good for PMO professionals interested in the PMO as a Service – and the introduction of services. That one covers:

  • Analyse how to apply the AIPMO PMO Services Lifecycle Framework in your organisation
  • Debate how to support the PMO Manager and/or Director in creating a PMO Services strategy including a PMO Services topology
  • Assess and describe how to create PMO Service SLAs
  • Propose how to create and manage the PMO Services catalogue
  • Explain how to coach and mentor people on the AIPMO service-oriented approach to PMOs
  • Describe how to run one or more PMO Services
  • Articulate how to contribute to increasing PMO maturity from the PMO Services dimension

In essence, this two-day class takes modules from the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation course. The 2-day class is taught by Dr Robert Joslin, the founder of AIPMO.

[Find out more about it on the PMO Conference page]

Techniques and Tools

Tools and TechniquesThe second class is the PMO techniques and tools class and this one is focused on how the PMO should be trained and capable of offering and supporting the different techniques and tools to their business. The contents are based on a new, yet to be published book from the AIPMO and is available for the first time here in London on the 11th & 12th June.

The course goes into being to:

  • Apply the AIPMO Techniques & Tools framework including using filters to determine what is a generic tool, basic technique, category of techniques (CATs) and chain of techniques (Chain)
  • List the types of techniques – basic technique, category of techniques (CATs) and chain of techniques (Chain)
  • Apply the Techniques & Tools categorization and implementation framework
  • Gain tips and tricks, experience and best practice guidelines that relate to Techniques & Tools
  • Advise project managers on which Techniques & Tools should be applied at which phase within a project lifecycle
  • Know how to build Techniques & Tools capabilities within your organisation.

What is interesting about this course is getting into the real bones of the PMO. We often talk about the PMO having different techniques and tools that help to support the business however there has not been much focused on what exactly these are – how the PMO learns them and introduces them into the service offering they have.

[Find out more about it over on the PMO Conference page]

There are also other classes happening on the two days before the conference [check them out here]

PMO Conference Classes

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