How Can PMO Learning Help With Setting Up a PMO?

Here at PMO Learning we have some exciting events coming up in 2021 for those who are looking to set up and establish a successful PMO.

PMO Learning Course

PMO Learning also hosts a two day course, Setting Up a PMO, which walks you through the practical steps in the set up of a PMO.  Delegates will benefit from a raft of tools, techniques and templates to establish a consistent approach to project management within their organisation. The course also covers Programme Office and Portfolio Office as an extension as the roadmap can be used for the set up of these types of PMOs.

The course covers a roadmap which allows delegates to set the direction of their PMO set-up based on their situation, either right now or in the future when they move onto another organisation. Using a roadmap is pretty much what any PMO consultant uses when they’re tasked with setting up a PMO. The roadmap drives which questions to ask and how to take those answers and provide a PMO solution that is right for that particular business.

This hands-on course and workshop covers a variety of topics, including, Governance of Project Management, The Role of the PMO, The Project Management Framework and The PMO Implementation Roadmap.

Each step along the roadmap – from clarifying the request or need for the PMO through to the rollout and embedding and improving the PMO – is covered in the course.

Here’s what our delegates have to say about our Setting Up A PMO course,

It really goes back to the start of setting a PMO up and carries you the whole way through.

PMO Roadmap

We are looking forward to helping you in Setting Up a PMO in your organisation!

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