Portfolio Management and the PMO

At our latest Breakfast Briefing in Canary Wharf, Eileen Roden, Consulting Director of PMO Learning, spoke about The Evolving Role of the PMO and dove deep into Support vs Service PMOs – take a look at the video.

From the humble beginnings of minute taking and report chasing, PMOs have developed to begin offer newer and more varied services with some PMOs now offering tool experts, finance teams and risk and planning specialists for their projects. As the size and credibility of PMOs has increased, more and more are becoming involved in Portfolio Management. Which raises some new questions.

Although it is now generally accepted that the PMO is not just an admin department, the discussions seem to have moved to the other end of the spectrum – whether PMOs do or support Portfolio Management.

On Friday 29th November, PMO Learning are running a webinar to discuss the role of the PMO in Portfolio Management. You’ll hear from Eileen Roden, presenting her thoughts and Holger Heuss, talking about his brand new course – Portfolio Management and the PMO, launching in 2020.

The webinar will start at 12pm and run for approximately 1 hour. To take part, register here.

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If you’d like some more resources on Portfolio Management, take a look at PMO Flashmob’s report on Beyond Portfolio Reporting – The Challenges and Reality of Portfolio Management. [This available for PMO Flashmob members here] (you will have to sign up to download the report.)

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