PRINCE2 and the PMO

We focus on PMO training here at PMO Learning but recognise that each PMO professional takes a myriad of different courses and learning to bolster their career. We offer eLearning courses in the most popular project management certifications too.

We’re introducing a new series, where we will be looking at the key PPM certifications, and how these certifications can help you advance in your PMO career.

First up, we’re taking a look at PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner:

What is PRINCE2?

Developed by the UK Government, PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments Version2) has international recognition as the leading best practice approach to Project Management, used publicly and private, both in the UK and internationally.

What will I learn throughout the PRINCE2 Certifications?

The Practitioner and Foundation Certifications include modules such as:

  • Introducing PRINCE2 – Lessons Learned from Projects, Project Management Theory, Project Management Processes
  • Business Case – Purpose of the Business Case, Concepts related to Business Justification
  • Organisation  – Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Quality – Concepts related to Quality, Differences between these concepts
  • Plans – Planning, Product-Based Planning, Factors to consider whilst planning
  • Risk – Risk Management Procedures
  • Change – Types of Issues, Recommended Issue and Change Protocols
  • Progress – Event Driven Controls, Time Driven Controls, Tolerances, Exceptions

Who should complete the PRINCE2 Certifications?

PRINCE2 Certifications are for those who are involved in Project Support and Assurance roles, or those looking to gain a PPM certification, for example Project Managers, Project Assurance, Project Support or Project Team Members.

For a PMO practitioner, you might opt to take PRINCE2 because you need to understand more about traditional project delivery and the different terminology that is used within the method.

PRINCE2 is also a popular choice if you are specifically working within the public sector because the method was initially a government-led creation and still remains a defacto standard.

Why should I complete PRINCE2 Certifications?

PRINCE2 – with its principles, themes and processes – has helped PMO practitioners understand project delivery, especially if they are working in a PMO and have never managed projects themselves. It helps to build relationships with project managers when you understand the approach they are adopting to managing their projects.

Furthermore, PRINCE2 is the most popular project management training course in the UK, and one most frequently asked for by hirers.

How does this link to PMO?

Waterfall project delivery is still the most popular way to get projects delivered successfully and PRINCE2 is perhaps the most recognised waterfall-based methodology.

Everyone working within a PMO should understand how projects get delivered and PRINCE2 is the course you might choose to learn about this, however, check out the APM PFQ as the course you should do before PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 is all about the method of delivery and does not cover the fundamentals of project management (that’s the APM PFQ). The best way to describe is, the APM PFQ might teach you how to cook and PRINCE2 is the recipe card.

You’ll learn about the lifecycle involved in delivering a waterfall-based project – from that, you’ll be able to determine where you as the PMO may help. But don’t expect any answers to that, it is, first and foremost a certification for people delivering projects, not supporting them. You can check out the P3O Foundation course instead if you’re wanting to understand about the role of the PMO.

How can PMO Learning help me get my PRINCE2 Certifications?

At PMO Learning we provide the PMO specific training and we’ve recently teamed up with Aspire Europe Ltd, as a trusted reseller to provide the best eLearning for the key PPM certifications.

The course is providing via eLearning – you will have access to all course materials and lessons after receiving your login details, and then can take the course whilst learning at your own pace.

An exam voucher, and booking instructions, will also be issued to you, and you can book your exam whenever you are ready. These exams are proctored, so you can book them and complete them from wherever you are! You will need a computer or laptop with a webcam in order to take the exam.

All of this is involved at a great price!

Read more about our PRINCE2 eLearning Certifications!

PRINCE2® is a [registered] trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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