Setting Up a PMO

In 2019 PMO Learning launched our brand new pilot course – Setting Up a Project Management Office.

The course fills a gap in the PMO training market. The P3O course provides a high level on setting up a PMO but doesn’t go into details on what to do and how to do it. The PPSO ones don’t cover setting up a PMO at all, and the AIPMO Practitioner course focuses more on providing best practice for an already established PMO.

In reality, there are many different circumstances and situations where PMOs get set up for the first time.

So how can a two-day course like our Setting Up a PMO one possibly cover all those different circumstances and situations?

Easy, the course covers a roadmap which allows delegates to set the direction of their PMO set-up based on their situation, either right now or in the future when they move onto another organisation.

Using a roadmap is pretty much what any PMO consultant uses when they’re tasked with setting up a PMO. The roadmap drives which questions to ask and how to take those answers and provide a PMO solution that is right for that particular business.

The Setting Up a PMO course teaches the roadmap and the approaches to take. It’s a practical course designed to give delegates the real-world insights into what works when setting up a PMO.

Here’s what some of the delegates had to say about the new course:

It really goes back to the start of setting a PMO up and carries you the whole way through

The course aimed at anyone – PM experienced or not – who is in the process of setting up a Project Management Office for their organisation or department. This could mean you’ve been asked to look at using some PMO tools and techniques or to begin the process of formalising project delivery.

I thought working in a PMO meant I’d be able to set one up . . . I had no idea how much there is too it

Setting up a PMO is hands-on. The course aims to help you develop your own roadmap for your organisation. There is no out of the box PMO that suitable for every organisation, running every kind of project. You’ll receive tools and templates to help you get started with setting up your own PMO.

Very thorough course and covers all kinds of PMOs in any industry

Setting Up a PMO

Each step along the roadmap – from clarifying the request or need for the PMO through to the rollout and embedding and improving the PMO – is covered in the course.

At the initial stages, you’re looking to understand who has requested the set up of a PMO and why they want it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? When you’re familiar with all the different reasons why PMOs are requested, that’s when you can start to understand what is in or out of scope for the PMO.

At the later stages, once the PMO has been piloted, rolled out and embedded – and we understand where are in relation to our PMO success criteria – it’s all about what next for the PMO. How do we get better at what we do – how do we extend the services we offer and what do we stop doing?

If you’re interested in how Setting Up a PMO can extend your knowledge and get you ready for the first time you’re asked to step up a PMO, make sure you check out the course.

For more information on Setting Up a PMO visit the course page.

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