The Launch of P3O Foundation eLearning!

Here at PMO Learning we are excited to announce the launch of our P3O Foundation eLearning!

eLearning is a great middle-ground between completely independent learning and trainer-led classroom learning. You will receive access to the eLearning which includes slides, videos, learning activities and practise exam questions to review each module.

The P3O Foundation eLearning will save your progress, so you will be offered greater flexibility than in traditional classroom learning, and can hop back in whenever you’re ready to proceed. eLearning also saves your answers, and once you have completed the course you will be given a score so you can see how you’ve done throughout. You will also be able to download a full practice paper to help you prepare for your exam!

You can find our top tips for our P3O Foundation eLearning in the video below!

You can find out more about all three of our P3O Foundation learning options here.

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