What is an Integrated PMO?

An integrated PMO is a centralised function within an organisation that provides support and oversight for PMOs across various departments. Unlike traditional PMOs, which might operate in isolation for individual projects or business functions, an integrated PMO aims to standardise project management practices across the organisation.

Some of the key characteristics of an integrated PMO may include:

  • Standardised, adaptable and scalable processes which are used across the entire portfolio of change in the organisation.
  • Acts as a central point for project management activities ensuring projects are aligned to the business’s objectives.
  • Develops and maintains a governance structure that ensures effective oversight, decision-making, and accountability.
  • Uses lessons learned and performance data to drive enhancements across the organisation.
  • Knowledge sharing and discussing best practices and expertise across the organisation.

Best practice states that having an integrated PMO model (IPMO)/P3O structure allows PMOs to deliver the most value for the organisation as it improves efficiency and effectiveness and enhances collaboration. Other key benefits of an integrated PMO model include increased transparency with consistent reporting and insights into performance which provide a clear view on project status, issues, risks, and benefits across the board.

An integrated PMO plays a critical role in transforming how an organisation manages its projects. IPMOs bring an organisation-wide focus on areas such as risk management, governance, resource management and reporting, ensuring that projects are delivered successfully and contribute to the achievement of business goals.

We have a free Lunch and Learn webinar coming up on the 13th of June discussing the topic of the integrated PMO.

In this session Eileen will cover;

  • What is an integrated PMO?
  • Benefits of an integrated PMO.
  • Reporting lines and data flows.
  • How to move to an integrated PMO.

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