Working in a PMO?

Where do you go when you want to learn more about the art and science of working in a PMO? If you’re currently working as a Project Co-ordinator, PMO Analyst, Project Support Officer or indeed any role within the PMO rather than managing it – what options do you have for great training and development?

You have two options.

P3O Foundation PractitionerP3O Foundation / Practitioner

Let’s start with the one most people have heard about – the Portfolio, Programme and Project Office (P3O).

If you’ve already been working in a PMO for a number of years, chances are you’ve already considered taking your P3O certification. This course – at P3O Foundation level – introduces you to the concepts of PMO and provides the model, terminology and how different types of PMOs can fit together in an organisation.[4th April – 3 days]

If you already know all that – the next level up – the P3O Practitioner – is really suited to those who are looking to move into managing a PMO at some point in the future.

Many people working in PMO today actually opt to do the P3O Foundation and Practitioner together in the same week [16th July – 5 days]

But what if you’re not ready to move into PMO management at this stage of your career? What if you’d like to improve your skills and capabilities in the functions and services you offer to your organisation?

Step forward the AIPMO Foundation.


AIPMO FoundationAIPMO Foundation

Don’t be tricked into thinking that the Foundation title means it’s an entry level PMO certification. It’s not. It’s aimed at those who have been working in PMO for quite a while (see the training path below to see how it compares to the other two PMO certifications)

The AIPMO IPMO-Foundation level certification is focused on six modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Building the Context and Need for PMOs
  • Module 3: PMO Lifecycle Framework
  • Module 4: Developing Capabilities and Services within the PMO
  • Module 5: Run, Monitor and Control Services within a PMO
  • Module 6: PMO Success, PMO Maturity and their Connection

The two modules highlighted form a large part of the 4 day certification programme and is designed to provide the knowledge and expertise to develop world-class PMO functions and services. The programme also focuses on the running of these functions and services.[16th April – 4 days]

There is no other PMO training and development available in the UK market that provides this focus – perfect for those working in PMO looking to develop and set themselves apart.

Why not take a closer look at the modules for the AIPMO IPMO-Foundation certification course and book your place today.



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