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If you’re looking to get into PMO work there are two different areas you need to know about.

The first, the fundamentals of project management.

The second, how to use the fundamentals in your new job as a project support or within a PMO.

To gain both of these in one, the PPSO Essentials course was designed for it.

The PPSO Essentials course is the entry-level course for anyone looking to get into a project support role. It provides both the fundamentals of project management which you’ll need to understand in order to support a project.

Getting into PMO

The entry-level role into working in projects are normally named; Project Administrator, Project Co-ordinator or Project Support Officer.

These roles are about supporting a project – so that’s supporting the Project Manager and their team.

A lot of your knowledge will be developed on the job but how do you get into a job in the first place?

Well, there are a few things you’ll need to demonstrate. These are:

  • You understand what a project is and what a Project Manager is doing to deliver that project.
  • You’ll understand the different functional areas, for example, what planning involves; what risk management is; what an issue is – and so on.
  • You’ll also know your way around a PC – the usual like Word and Excel, but you’ll be able to do stuff like formula and pivot tables.
  • You’ll also be someone who is organised and can get on with work that has conflicting deadlines.
  • You’ll also be someone that people actually like and want to come to you for help when they need it.

You don’t necessarily need practical experience of actually working in a project before – but you do need to demonstrate that you understand what’s happening on a project at any given time and what’s expected of you.

That’s why the PPSO Essentials course is perfect – it does exactly this.

If you’re looking to get into PMO, you need that fundamentals knowledge of project management (and that’s something that PRINCE2 absolutely does not give you!)

You need to understand that when the Project Manager says “can you update the issue log”, you know exactly what that means; what you’re expected to put in there and what to do with it when you have.

If you’re looking to get into project support and PMO, make sure you take the right certification training for your needs and choose a provider that knows their PMO onions.

For more information on PPSO Essentials [start your journey here]

PPSO Training

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