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The AIPMO-P certification course will allow you to understand the building blocks of project, programme and portfolio management; success factors; success criteria; PMOs types; assessment of the current PMO setups in terms of SWOT; a roadmap to strategically design and implement an integrated approach to ensure PMO alignment with organisational needs.

As a PMO Practitioner, you will be able to assess PMOs in operation within the context of your organisation; the project types they support; appropriate leadership styles; PMO functions including their ability to act as catalysts to knowledge sharing units that seed and support innovation groups whilst understanding the risks associated with long-term PMO performance.

In doing so, will you will have opportunity to find out why some PMOs might perform below expectations, what are the drivers for change, as well as learn how to improve individual and collective PMO performance in an organisation to achieve maximum business value.

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AIPMO – IPMO-Practitioner Level Certification \ 28th October

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