PRINCE2 Agile Foundation®

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Gain Agile Knowledge with the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation® Certification

PRINCE2-Agile is a marriage made in heaven for PMO practitioners.


First gain the knowledge that PRINCE2 gives us about who needs what information for which decisions and when in a project environment.

The advantage to you is PRINCE2 is already widely known and accepted best practice which gives a good foundation for building effectiveness and confidence in your day-to-day work.

Then bring in the Agile bit.

Agile has become increasingly common in organisations today as a project delivery method. Many PMO practitioners are currently grappling with both waterfall and Agile approaches and is becoming an increasingly vital part of your PMO skillset.

This course is the perfect course for PMO practitioners to do before the Lean-Agile PMO course we offer.

With the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation® certification course it gives you a practical approach, with processes, tools and techniques which are tailorable to your organisation.

This course helps you to develop the role of the PMO as the ‘glue’ – bringing together the leadership and executives need for governance and the project development teams needs to deliver a truly Agile project.

As a PMO practitioner, being able to talk to and engage with people across the project delivery organisation in both traditional and Agile projects terms. Areas such as project controls; the roles and information flows of PRINCE2 and the artefacts, ceremonies, ways of working and mind-sets of Agile.

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course brings clarity and debunks the idea that Agile is chaos and PRINCE2 is bureaucracy. The marriage of the two enables the development of practical solutions for any organisation currently incorporating traditional and Agile approaches.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation® Certification

We recommend the Foundation level of the course* – it gives a PMO practitioner everything they need. You can then take a look at the Lean-Agile PMO one day course which goes deeper into the techniques and approaches that PMOs specifically adopt.

The eLearning course comes with the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation® level exam included and is certified by AXELOS.

With our approach, it is cost-effective; doesn’t mean time away from work with time spent in the classroom; and the ability to work at your own pace. You’re also supported throughout the course by the trainer too, so you’re not alone!

Simon from Logical Model is our partner and delivers the certified eLearning course.  The course currently has a 100% pass rate and includes everything you need to get certified and enhance your career.

The course includes:

  • 9 hours of video instruction with the tutor visible (Why do I care? – Well its much easier to concentrate and listen when you can see the person talking and not just stare at the PowerPoints!) and highly animated slides (Why do I care? – Because when the picture builds its much easier to understand relationships between elements).
  • Multiple revision aids re-presenting contents in ways that build your recall and check your understanding
  • The Foundation exams in revision – question by question – mode and in mock-exam against the clock mode.
  • A years instructor support (but you probably only need a week or three)
  • Foundation Exam Voucher for online proctored exam available 24 x 7 x 365 – valid for 12 months


\\ Ready to get started?


*You could opt for the additional training of the Practitioner level but we think that’s best for people delivering the projects. You’ll gain more value with the Lean-Agile PMO course!


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