Logical Model Ltd is named for its heritage 30 years ago in database design; a topic where the real-world is ordered to fit into computers. Ultimately a compromise. Our thought leadership has been evolving since then. We search for models and techniques that explore the compromise and reconcile concurrent but incompatible truths. Our logo is one such model. The words we use to express the same are: “uncommon sense in the complex, emergent world of projects, markets and corporate change”.

Logical ModelWe believe that pressures for change are unnegotiable and irresistible. The choice is play or lose. We believe achievement is through people’s shared mental models about the present, the pressures and possible futures. The tool-kit to achieve responses to change include PRINCE2, PMBoK-Guide, Agile, but much more important is Sociology and Psychology as driven by the workings of Complex Adaptive Systems, Wicked Problems and ‘Mess Management’.

Logical Model offers consultancy and training that renders useful deterministic tools like PRINCE2 and PMBoK-G blended with agile and waterfall’s best elements and integrated to techniques that enable complex board level decisions to be identified, debated, decided and cascaded. Two inevitabilities are concurrent incompatibilities (to be escalated or delegated and resolved pragmatically) and emotional reaction (to be incubated, nurtured and focussed on ‘success’).

We are not the only thinkers in this space. When you need to meet adaptive challenges we have insight at the Direct or Lead, the manage and the deliver levels of the organisation – From Boardroom to Boilerroom™

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