Value Streams and the PMO

Learning Approach: Virtual Classroom

Duration: 2 day

Virtual Classroom price: ÂŁ995 + VAT

Virtual Course Timings: 9am to 4pm UK time

This course teaches how to assess and design PMO services and project delivery practices. It enables a PMO to improve its organizational contribution, and create an efficient process for project management.


Course Outline

This course encourages PMO leaders to consider how their PMO operates, its goals, its OKRs and suggests how using Value Stream Mapping and concepts can be used to improve PMO service delivery and value creation. Value Stream Analysis is also used to improve the effectiveness of project delivery and governance. In this course you will:

  • Discover how Value Stream Mapping can be used to drive performance and value creation.
  • Get guidance on how to monitor the development process of projects and ensure efficient delivery.
  • Enhance the project methodology within your organisation and accelerate project delivery.
  • Learn how to assess the efficiency of your PMO and identify areas for improvement.
  • Learn how to create, monitor, and improve PMOs to increase value creation and service delivery


Course Content
  • Introduction to Value Streams and their impact on the principles and practices for PMO operation.
  • Creating flow- how systems theory and theory of constraints can be applied to improve efficiency.
  • Measuring the efficiency of your project methodology.
  • How the creation of an idealised value stream helps with PMO service improvement – practical exercise.
  • Case study: create a value stream map of your project methodology, review and create improvement opportunities.
  • Other types of value streams.
  • Service Value Streams – the delivery of PMO value
  • The PMO as a service
  • Lean portfolio management.
  • Portfolio governance – the intended and unintentional outcomes
  • The PMO Kanban
  • Managing the PMO backlog


What happens during the course?

This comprehensive course provides PMO Leaders and Practitioners with the tools they need to create greater organisational value. In a highly interactive environment enables senior PMO practitioners to learn how to reduce waste, improve efficiency, streamline processes, and emphasize continual improvement. It provides a framework and measures that enable the evaluation and improvement the organisation’s project delivery system. In a case study a participant may take their own organisation’s project delivery framework and get a holistic view for improvement.

In addition, this course will enable the participants to improve the effectiveness of PMO function by streamlining process and emphasising continual improvement.


What happens after the course?
  • This course encourages PMO leaders and practitioners to optimise the way that services are delivered by the PMO.
  • It encourages the analysis of the project delivery and PMO process to look for systemic challenges and seek improvements.
  • It teaches a series of efficiency improvement techniques that have wider business application beyond the PMO

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Value Streams and the PMO

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