Bekka Prideaux Coaching and Consultancy focuses on setting Leaders, Teams and Projects up for success.  We do this by providing a range of coaching and consultancy that’s focused on ensuring that people have the skills, knowledge and structures to unlock their performance, and the performance of those they are working with.

Few people who find themselves in charge of teams, functional agendas or projects set out to be leaders.  Our mission is to support them as they develop their leadership, and as they build teams that work effectively with each other and with their stakeholders.

Our coaching with individuals allows them to think through situations, solve problems and tackle issues  they face in their work and career, rapidly moving them to a point where they can take effective action. It also builds their skills, growing their ability to face future challenges.  We also work with leaders who are having a mid career crisis to work out what they want from the next chapter of their career.

Our work with companies, teams and projects allows them to make lasting changes in the way they work, so they can deliver great results.  Our specialist change and organisational effectiveness skills combined with our experience in many sectors and functions, mean we can work with clients to understand the current situation they face, define the changes they need to make, plan how to make and embed those changes, ensure that any skills needed are developed and work together to make the changes happen.

Since our foundation we have built a reputation for delivering insightful and informative consultancy and pragmatic change implementation.  In all that we do our main focus it is getting great results for our clients and we believe that people matter, that work should be enjoyable, and that there is always something good to be learned.

You can find out more about our services at [Bekka Prideaux]

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