PMO Learning carries out presentations; facilitated workshops; round-table discussions and unique events that deliver a different type of learning experience for your PMO practitioners.

With over 20 years experience in the PMO field, there’s no topic area we don’t cover.

We make learning fun, engaging, inspiring and leave participants feeling energised and ready to tackle challenges back in the workplace.

Sometimes doing something a little bit different can really motivate and strengthen teams.

Take a look at what we offer:

PMO Events from PMO Learning

Community of Practice (CoP)

Does your PMO hold Community of Practice (CoP) events for your own community? Looking for external speakers to come along and present to the group? You can invite PMO Learning as a speaker for your events

PMO Lectures and Presentations

Thought-provoking; new and emerging topics or just short sessions on core PMO themes. You can invite PMO Learning as a speaker for your events

PMO Workshops

PMO workshops focused on key PMO topic areas - sessions lasting from 1/2 day through to 2 days. Hosted on or offsite, a great PMO team learning experience

PMO Roundtables

Facilitated discussion and debate sessions focused on one or more PMO themes. Used for benchmarking or a special event for PMO team members.

PMO World Cafes

Great for PMO teams to work together and collaborate on solving challenges and problems. PMO Learning facilitates events onsite.

Special Events

PMO Hackathons; Games Nights; PMO Quiz, even PMO Karaoke. Injecting a bit of fun into PMO learning, all facilitated by PMO Learning

Interesting in Using PMO Learning for an Event?