A career in PMO can be such a varied one; from working in the different types that exist; providing the different services required; providing a hands-on role within the PMO or managing one. It’s a career for a professional that is looking for interesting, rewarding and challenging work.

We see four main levels when it comes to a PMO practitioners career – each one aligned to the work they perform and the level they operate at. The levels help a PMO practitioner to consider which training and development options to pursue based on which level they currently work in and where their aspirations are in the future.

The following guide can be used by you, a PMO practitioner; a PMO Manager thinking about team development; or any HR, learning & development specialist looking for guidance for the organisation.

With PMO Learning’s training courses we help you to make the right choice for the right time in your career and the PMO you work within.


The PMO levels have been chosen because they’re simple and not tied to any specific type of PMO. We’ve chosen the four levels because that’s what we see reflected in organisations today. The levels have also been chosen because although each PMO may be unique to a specific organisation, there are recognised career stages that PMO practitioners can progress through if they so wish.

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Aligning Development

At PMO Learning we align the different PMO training and development options to the different levels. We have both PMO certification courses and specialist courses (non-certified) for PMO practitioners to pursue throughout their career.

We advise starting with the core certification courses – these tend to vary in length from 3 to 5 days – with the aim that a PMO practitioner takes a certification course every 2 to 3 years depending on the role or level they are working at.

Alongside the core certification courses are our specialist courses. These are shorter courses that go deeper into certain topic areas. PMO practitioners are advised to think about their development in specific skills gap areas and consider short courses alongside other self-development activities.

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