AXELOS Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®)

P3OThe Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) Certifications from AXELOS are the most popular qualifications in the UK for people working within or leading a PMO function. Many PMOs operating today have adopted the P3O® model.

A P3O model provides a decision enabling/delivery support structure for all change within an organisation. This may be provided through a single permanent office which may exist under several different names, for example Portfolio Office, Centre of Excellence, Enterprise or Corporate Programme Office.

AXELOS have two P3O® certifications:

  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) – Foundation
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) – Practitioner

The Foundation Certification is aimed at those working within a PMO who are looking to understand the model and concepts used in P3O®. You’ll be working in a team role like Project Administrator, Project Co-ordinator or PMO Analyst. It’s also a perfect baseline accreditation that demonstrates your committment to a career in PMO.

The Practitioner Certification is aimed at the more experienced PMO practitioner – especially those setting up and managing permanent and/or temporary Project or Programme Management Offices. You’ll be a PMO Manager, PMO Leader or PMO Director and looking to improve your understanding of how P3O® benefits an organisation; how to design and implement PMOs. The P3O® Practitioner is also a good accreditation to take before pursuing the more advanced AIPMO certifications.

For more information on P3O® courses, download the brochure, visit the dedicated courses pages or continue reading for some FAQs.

Why should I take a P3O® Course?

P3O® courses are the most recognised courses in the UK. There are still the most popular way to get into careers in the PMO.

Why should I take the P3O® course with PMO Learning?

If you’ve worked in a PMO, you’ve heard of P3O® qualifications so how are we different?

All our P3O® courses are taught by the lead author, Eileen Roden. If you’re looking to get more out of the course then just a certificate then this is the one for you. Eileen has over 15 years experience as a PMO consultant and is a leading expert on all things PMO.

Whats the difference between the P3O® and AIPMO courses?

AIPMO courses are a much newer qualification. They tackle of the subject of PMOs very differently than P3O® courses which are older and currently the most recognised course in the UK.

If you are looking for a high level overview of PMOs then the P3O® qualifications are the ones for you.

AIPMO courses offer specifics on implementing and running services within a PMO (find out more).


Which P3O® Course should I take?

P3O® Foundation is aimed at those working in a PMO who want to know more about the concepts of a PMO and how they work.

P3O® Practitioner is for the more experienced PMO professional; this course is for people moving into PMO management or implementation.

If you’re still not certain see our indepth guide on which course is right for you or contact us for more advice.

Do I have to have the P3O® Foundation certificate to take the Practitioner course?

Yes the P3O® Foundation certificate is a prerequisite of the Practitioner course.

What happens after my P3O® course?

You will be awarded with a certificate after completing the course.

If you’d like to undertake further training in the future, remember all PMO Learning alumnis recieve an exclusive discount on any future course bookings.

P3O® Foundation
P3O® Practitioner

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