AXELOS P3O® Foundation Certification

Learning Approach: Classroom

Duration: 3 days

Exam: 1 hour, 75 multiple choice questions

Certification Body: AXELOS

Price: £1200 + VAT (discounts may apply)


  • No previous experience or knowledge required
  • PPSO Essentials would be a good first step before the P3O® Foundation

Pre-Reading: There is some pre-reading required for this course. It should take 2 hours to complete. There is also some advised further reading. The pre-reading is distributed approximately two weeks before the course start.

The P3O® Foundation level course is specifically for:

  • Those new to PMO – working in Project Administrator, Project Co-ordinator and Project Support Officer roles
  • Those new to a career in PMO with previous PPM experience
  • Those looking for a career move to project support and PMO
  • Graduates

The P3O® Foundation Certification is considered to be the second* entry-level training and certification for those working in a Programme or Project Management Office.

The course covers the fundamentals of P3O®, giving you a solid foundation in the P3O® model, the terminology and concepts involved – the course also covers the key functions and services in a P3O® model – considered to be one of the most useful areas for a PMO practitioner. The course also covers the tools and techniques used in a P3O® and looks at the different types of PMOs with the model.

*See the PPSO Essentials

Course Modules include:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Overview, Principles of a P3O Model
  • Module 3: Why have a P3O?
  • Module 4: Models and Tailoring
  • Module 5: Implementing and Re-energising
  • Module 6: How to Operate a P3O (including Tools and Techniques)
  • Module 7: P3O Roles

*Module structure may change

In the course, learners will:

  • Learn about the high-level P3O model and its component offices.
  • Understand the key differences between Portfolio, Programme and Project Management.
  • Explore the key functions and services of a P3O.
  • Understand the reasons for establishing a P3O model.
  • Learn about the differences between types of P3O model and the factors that influence the selection of the most appropriate model.
  • Identify the processes to implement or re-energize a P3O.
  • Learn about the tools and techniques used by a P3O.
  • Understand the purpose and significant responsibilities of the defined roles in a P3O.
  • Prepare to pass the P3O Foundation exam and become P3O Foundation certified.

After the course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of Project, Programme and Portfolio Management in the context of P3O.
  • Demonstrate a better understanding of the different types of PMOs within the P3O model.
  • Understand and articulate the need for PMOs within an organisation.
  • Use the P3O functions and services guidance to implement new services or update existing ones.
  • Share group experiences and develop knowledge within the organisation.
  • Demonstrate progress to becoming a competent PMO practitioner.

If you’ve completed the P3O® Foundation, then there are a few ways you can continue your training.

If you want to carry on with P3O® certifications, then your next step is P3O® Practitioner. There is the option to carry out P3O Foundation and Practitioner training all within the same week.

If you’re looking for some more hands-on learning, then why not have a look at the AIPMO certifications, to get to grips with the functions and services your PMO can offer.

If you’re looking for something more specific to your organisation, whether it’s implementing Agile or getting a grip on Benefits Management, browse our specialist courses.


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